My Buzz

Our buzz is to help others achieve their dreams in anyway we can. Seeing others grow, thrive and enjoy life is the greatest reward.

My Bio

I am James Denton, founder of AME Accounting & Co. I started AME after successfully growing my own client base from the age of 17 when I first started on my accountancy route.

I felt the accounting industry as a whole is behind the curve socially, when interacting with their clients. By engaging with clients regularly via social media avenues, we really get a great feel of how the business the operates and allows us to make more proactive decisions and advice.

I want to be Accounting equivalent of your local butcher or newsagents. For too long, has the Accounting world been a closed book.

By retaining a professional, friendly but affordable service, we can be more than just an accountant. But, your friendly local one too.

My Business Tips

Have a 5 year plan. Where you want to be and do.

Don't give up.

And don't be afraid to take risks.

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