My Buzz

Love your body & connect to nature.

Ethical design for every body type. Inclusive swimwear with fabulous wearable art in sizes XS - 4XL.


Garments that pay homage to our environment, with prints inspired by nature!


With all prints made with planet friendly inks, with a waterless print process so we don't do more damage to our already fragile seas!



My Bio



My Why


For as long as I remember, I have lived and breathed art. It's just a part of who I am!


As a youngster I knew I wanted a job in the art industry.


But I got lost in the doldrums of life and I got stuck in jobs that didn't align with my creativity.Then in 1999 my wonderful and supportive Father passed away.


When I look back I can see how groundbreaking he was in his life.Before he arrived from Jamaica in the 1960's he was a tailor by trade.


But to make a living he became a lorry driver, and sacrificed his creative genius to carve out a future for me and my siblings.


His passing was the push I needed to focus on my art. With my souls purpose to create beautiful products, that spread love, hope, togetherness and nurture our planet, our people.



My Business Tips

Create a business that stands for your values and it won't feel like job!