My Buzz

I decided the best way to stimulate people's interest in history was to make it fun and all at hand in one place. The Little Corporal is a unique synergy of a hobby shop, magazine, club directory, social forum and military history reference site, which allows visitors to our website to learn about an historical battle in our regular Battles For Wargamers section, then follow up that interest with our product range of books, miniature figures, paints and hobby craft items. They can even find local clubs and societies on our page to then share that interest with others.
We are, I hope, a complete one stop resource for everyone interested in history and miniature historical wargaming.

My Bio

Like most schoolboys of my day, I used to love playing with my toy soldiers and learning about history, now many years later, a middle aged man who hasn't grown up, I still like playing with my toy soldiers and learning about history.
I've been very fortunate to recently be able to turn my lifelong love of these things into my business, The Little Corporal, with the aim of encouraging that interest in history through historical miniature wargaming, inspiring young minds and "old veterans" alike.

My Business Tips

Turn your passion or favorite pastime into your business and you never have to go to "work" again.

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