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Waving goodbye to teenagers as they head to university for three or four years isn’t easy. Will they be eating healthily or just drinking (mostly the latter)? Will they change their bedding or even worse their underwear? No amount of nagging works (that’s if they bother to call in the first few weeks) – no news is good news though, right?
We had the same questions when our offspring flew the nest. We thought that by some strange osmosis our kids would instantly know how to look after themselves. Picking them up after the first term, we changed our minds. The immaculate kitchens we saw initially had become war zones; changes of bed linen were neatly folded in the cupboard (where we'd left them), and carpets needed more than a good vacuum (which we did of course).
We decided that as schools don't teach these skills (who can blame them) and our gentle cajoling fell on deaf ears, something had to change - the rest is history - Unicookandclean was born.
We run hands-on two-hour workshops on cooking, cleaning and wellbeing so pre-uni students will pick up some valuable life skills and tips along the way to prevent bad habits from the moment you wave goodbye. Simple tasks covered in small groups in a home setting will make sure they survive the uni years.

My Business Tips

Know your subject matter, do your research, keep your ear to the ground for what is going on in your sector. Persistence always pays off but often not how you expect.

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