My Buzz

That RT from Theo was more of a rocket than a retweet; afterburners ignited, we have climbed into the Twittersphere and discovered new life forms at every turn. Our busines is flowering (well, its floristry really but the floristry is flowering, so to speak) and it feels GOOD (as JB would say).

This is Major Flowers to Ground Control, we're stepping through the door, and we're floating in a most peculiar way, and the flowers look very different today..........(flowers from Zara Flora are different)

My Bio

Wife and Husband team, in that order (as the Mrs is the creative genius and star of the show) with an international flavour. Zara was born and grew up in the former USSR before meeting husband Paul, an Englishman managing the Hotel in which she wished to open a flower shop. After a brief interlude in East Africa (where Paul managed a few more hotels), the couple settled in England. In 2003 Zara and Paul set up Zara Flora Service Ltd together and Paul stopped being a Hotel Manager. The Zara Flora shop in East Grinstead was opened in April 2004 and Zara's distinctive designs and style quickly earned her and the business a fine reputation. Zara Flora is now firmly established as one of the leading florists and floral designers in the South of England.

My Business Tips

Be passionate and creative in everything you do, and laugh as much as possible every day!

Technical skills, planning and logic are all important, yet without passion, creativity and humour they are as grey as your business may become.

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