#SBS teamed up with One Minute Briefs!

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Hello #SBS family!

We wanted to share some news about a competition we ran recently in partnership with #SBS winner, One Minute Briefs (OMB)!

For those who are unfamiliar with OMB, it is an advertising concept that encourages spontaneous creative advertising.

Basically, they set a brief and encourage art workers, graphic designers, followers (and basically anyone who wants to enter) to design an advertisement for a business, or product. However, entrants only get one minute to create an ad/design (hence One Minute Briefs!). 

We loved the concept, so asked OMB to set a brief too ‘advertise #SBS’ in the run up to the #SBS event, which had an amazing response.

Take a look at all of the entrees here: http://oneminutebriefs.blogspot.co.uk/2015/01/one-minute-brief-winners-advertise-sbs.html​

Tweet your favourites to @TheoPaphitis @OneMinuteBriefs

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