Small Business Sunday #SBS – Terms & Conditions

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  1. Small Business Sunday (#SBS) is a weekly competition which runs on Theo Paphitis’ Twitter and Instagram accounts: (Twitter – @theopaphitis Instagram – @theopaphitis) every Sunday between 5pm and 7:30pm.
  2. Entrants compete for the chance for their Business’ Twitter OR Instagram page to be re-tweeted or re-posted by @theopaphitis, providing them with publicity of their Business, to Theo’s followers.
  3. Entrants also compete for the chance to become a member of the #SBS Club, where they will be provided with the opportunity to be part of an exclusive #SBS-led virtual community, alongside past winners.
  4. As part of the #SBS Club, winners will have the opportunity to network with like-minded small business winners, host Twitter hours and benefit from partner opportunities. #SBS Club members will also receive #SBS regular newsletters, and will be invited to an annual conference, where they can collect their certificate, and may have the opportunity to meet Theo personally.
  5. Winners can opt out of #SBS newsletter by clicking the unsubscribe button on the bottom of #SBS newsletters, or by emailing
  6. We provide you with the opportunity to add a photograph to your profile to help others recognise your business. All photos must appropriately represent your business and #SBS as a community, and they must not bring the name of #SBS into disrepute.
  7. The competition is free to enter.
  8. The promoter is Ryman, of 1 St George’s Road, Wimbledon, SW19 4DR


Who can enter

  1. The competition is applicable to Small UK Businesses.
  2. If entrants are under 16 years of age, they must ask for parental permission to enter #SBS.

How to enter


  1. @theopaphitis will post on Twitter & Instagram at 5pm on Sundays to announce that the competition is open for entry until 7:30pm.
  2. To enter the competition on Twitter, entrants must enter from their Business’ Twitter account, by either commenting on @theopaphitis Twitter post that signals #SBS is open, or Tweeting @theopaphitis independently, describing their business in a single Tweet.
  3. To enter the competition on Instagram winners must post an image whilst describing their business. Or, entrants can comment under @theopaphitis #SBS is open post within the competition timeframe.
  4. Entrants must also follow @theopaphitis and use the hashtag #SBS in their entry tweet/Instagram post/Instagram comment.
  5. No purchase is necessary to enter the competition.
  6. Entries are only valid if submitted between 5:00pm-7.30pm on Sundays, in accordance with the rules of entry.
  7. Only one entry per Business each week is allowed. Additional entries during a single competition will be deemed invalid.
  8. By submitting an entry, winners agree that their data will be processed in line with the #SBS Privacy Policy, which can be accessed here:



  1. The competition will be judged by @theopaphitis, who will select the winners, based on his favourite entry. The judge’s decision will be final.
  2. There will be six winners announced each week by Theo Paphitis’ Twitter/Instagram account.
  3. The #SBS winners will be announced and retweeted/reposted by @theopaphitis Twitter/Instagram account at 8pm on Mondays. Winners’ Twitter/Instagram Handles will be used to announce the winners.
  4. Please note we will use your details to contact you on your Business’ social media account you used to enter the competition, in order to notify you of your win, and to send you the winner’s information.
  5. Should a winner not wish their win to be announced, they must send a Direct Message to Theo Paphitis’ Twitter/Instagram account to advise of this by 12pm on the Monday of the results being announced.
  6. No cash alternative shall be provided.
  7. Once the winners are announced, winners will be requested to follow @TheSBS_Crew on Twitter/Instagram, and must send a Direct Message to this account with their email address, with which the SBS Crew will send the winner’s information document, within 30 days. The winner’s information document will include the #SBS social media profiles, plus information on: the #SBS website; the monthly #SBS newsletter; PR advice; advice on interaction with other winners; information relating to the annual #SBS event; #SBS branding, a link to the closed #SBS Facebook group, the Twitter hour for #SBS winners ‘#SBSWinnersHour’ and details of the #SBS sponsors.
  8. If winners would not like to be added to the #SBS mailing list, they should contact @theSBS_Crew on Twitter to advise of this, or email
  9. Winners may be featured or referenced on the #SBS website, and Facebook page from time to time, subject to the winners’ consent.

Code of conduct for winners


  1. #SBS winners must follow the #SBS Code of Conduct, which can be found here: These guidelines will help ensure that the #SBS ethos is maintained so it can continue to be a benefit and useful forum for all members?.
  2. The #SBS Crew reserves the right to withdraw a #SBS win from any business who brings the competition or #SBS into disrepute, or falls short of the #SBS standards. The said business will be required to cease using marketing material in conjunction with #SBS, refrain from using Theo Paphitis’ name in relation to the competition, and remove further mention of #SBS and their win on their website and on social media with immediate effect.



  1. #SBS winners must note that, any images of or usage of the name “Theo Paphitis” or “#SBS” (including all variations), or the press release quote from Theo and any additional quotes by Theo are not permitted to be used on any of their products, social media or websites, or in any other form by them, without prior approval in writing having been obtained from the #SBS crew.
  2. Any right, title or interest from any of a winner’s permitted usage of Theo Paphitis’ or #SBS’ trademarks or branding accrues solely for Theo & #SBS’ benefit. At the #SBS crew’s request, a winner will be required to immediately remove (and if necessary destroy) any unauthorised material bearing Theo or #SBS trademarks or branding.

Business Diversification 


  1. If a winning business is sold on to a new owner, the business retains it’s #SBS win, assuming the nature of the business remains the same, or similar. The new owner must contact the #SBS Crew to notify them of the change in ownership.
  2. If a winning business changes its name, or diversifies in what it does, winners must notify the #SBS Crew, who will assess if the winner can remain a party to the #SBS forum and continue to receive the associated benefits. The #SBS Crew will look at each instance on a case by case basis, and their decision on whether to uphold a win is at their discretion.
  3. Should a winning business cease to trade at any stage following their win, this must be communicated to the #SBS crew, and the business will cease to be part of the #SBS community. The #SBS Crew retains the discretion to make exceptions where appropriate, in exceptional cases.



  1. Winners should remember that good business practice should prevail before entering into a business relationship with another #SBS winner. All winners should carry out their own due diligence before entering into a working relationship with another #SBS winner, seeking legal advice as appropriate.
  2. The #SBS retweet is designed to provide a small business with a boost and is not an accreditation of a business’s products or services.


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