Social Media for Business: Ten Do’s and Don’ts!

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Social Media for Business: Ten Do’s and Don’ts!

We've come up with a few points to help out those not so technologically-savvy SME's!

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1) Find a suitable platform(s): Find a platform that best suits your business needs and embrace it/them (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn)

2) Develop a tone: And stick with it – keep it consistent!

3) Don’t be boring: Be creative/unique/funny but make sure it reflects your brand/business

4) Be active: Ensure you post regular, relevant updates (2-3 a day at least)

5) Engage with customers: Reply swiftly to queries and complaints (ask them to DM you their details and keep it out of the public eye)

6) Contact press: Tweet journalists with interesting business stories (but don’t hound)

7) Share relevant content: Make sure what you share things you know your followers will like!

8) Follow the right people: Follow people/businesses similar or relevant to your business

9) Monitor your competitors: Keep an eye out on rivals – check, analyse and report!

10) Get to know your customers: Find out what they like/ don’t like/ need!



1) Spam! There’s nothing more irritating than constant irrelevant, over-frequented posts

2) Troll! Don’t hound businesses, investors, celebrities, potential consumers or suppliers – it’s improper and counter-productive.

3) Follow everyone and anyone: Only follow relevant people/businesses if you’re a baker follow celebrity bakers, businesses, restaurants etc.

4) Over self-promote: People will get fed up of constant sales messages – it will do you more harm than good and decrease followers

5) Delete negative comments: Or block complaints – instead, acknowledge the problem and resolve quickly (it’s better PR!)

6) Ignore customers: Whether it’s a sales enquiry, compliment or complaint, try to respond to all. Providing good customer servicea cross the board is vital

7) Forget to talk: Speak to people in your industry about your industry – tap into conversations, share your thoughts/ideas

8) Get personal: Keep it professional and keep your private posts for your private account

9) Neglect: Don’t just set up an account and think that's it – use it, it’s free!

10) Argue: There’s nothing more disastrous/unprofessional than arguing with a competitor or follower on social media!

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