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Hartleys Bedrooms

Hartleys Bedrooms



    Sara Haggas


    9th November 2014


    Skipton, North Yorkshire


    Home and Garden, Bedroom, Furniture, Manufacture, Furnishing and Fixtures, Design




Since our #SBS win in November 2014, website traffic has increased & PR support from local Press and radio has been tremendous. http://podcasts.canstream.co.uk/bcb/index.php?page=12 The greatest benefit from the networking opportunities presented to us has been the support within the #SBSfamily itself, which is genuine and omnipresent, whether its via the #SBS facebook groups or the dedicated #SBSWinnershour on Twitter. Any issue within any area of your business and someone from within the group will be able (and pleased) to help. #SBS creates very real networking opportunities for small businesses like ours and in North Yorkshire @PresentIssue has set up a new local group for us Yorkshire types to join. For those of you who fancy joining us, send in that winning tweet. It's inspiring stuff :)


Hartleys Bedrooms began with Richard Hartley and his passion for joinery 35 years ago. Discovering a niche making & selling quality fitted wardrobes in Skipton, today we are a team of 12 designing, manufacturing, & installing bespoke furniture throughout Yorkshire. No longer solely catering for bedrooms, we also craft bespoke furniture for home studies and multipurpose rooms with a focus on storage and maximising space. Every room we create is individual, lovingly made to satisfy our customer's design and practical needs. Increasing confidence in the economy has meant that 2014 was a great year for us and our #SBS win in November topped it off very nicely! Our showroom is open Monday - Friday 9.30 - 4.30 & Saturday 10 - 3. We'd love it if you would pop by and see us!


Firstly, know what you're good at and do it as well as you can. During the recession we were tempted to diversify our services, but instead dug deep and invested in what we do best - fitted furniture. Secondly, quality is king! - our best leads are always via WOM. Approximately 70% of our business is via repeat business and recommends, and we aim to keep it that way.


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