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Four years ago I was working in a Cornish pasty factory, today I am a Mum of two and running an international business! It was always my dream to be able to work from home while my children were young, the reality is more than I could ever have wished for. In 2011 I gave birth to my first child, Jimmy. He started teething when he was just 10 weeks old. I searched the internet for a teething toy that could help my dribbling, drooling baby who was chewing on his hands but couldn’t find anything suitable for his age, so I set about designing my own!
I had no prior business experience but developed what evolved to be the Gummee Glove. I organised manufacturing and product testing of my design, and I did all my research online! I launched the Gummee Glove to market in May 2012 (by then I was pregnant with baby number 2). It has been an incredible few years, Gummee Glove celebrates its 5th birthday in a couple of months time and is selling worldwide, we now employ 6 staff.

My husband and I run the business from home so that we can work around our children. I am passionate about supporting Mums - three of the Gummee team have children and they are able to fit their hours around their little ones.

We now have a whole range of teething products, and have changed our name to Gummee, fast becoming a household name in the UK and available from Argos online, Toys R us, Babies R Us, Jojomamanbebe & hundreds of independents across the UK & Ireland, as well as distributors all over the World.

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