16 children and 1 huge sofa!

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Last year I was approached by a group of Mums who asked if I would photograph their children as a group ….. All 10 of them , all aged about 1, that wasn't too bad as they all stayed still where we put them …… This year I asked if I could do it again with the intention that this is a yearly occurrance . 

Take 1 …… 14 2 year olds , crying , singing , crawling and walking in my studio…….. Certainly not wanting to sit and smaile for a photograph! 

Take 2 ……. 8 photoshoots over a weekend with smaller groups , some photoshop wizardry and we got there in the end! I can't guarantee they were all smiling but they were all looking in the same direction! 

Lovely to be featured in the local newspaper , I find PR quite hard to do and it's on my list of priorities this year for the business


Jo xx


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