2017 Interior Design Trends

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Trends are here to guide and inspire us, be it in fashion, arts, technology or interior design, we can choose to take full advantage of them or just a hint of inspiration. So, whether you are a trend seeker or just need some inspiration for a change of decor, here are some of the trends ready to make a hit in 2017 and make this year in your home an exciting one.


Nature will be a big hit in 2017. One of the big themes from this is Terracotta – It’s all about tiles, wall colours and plant pots and bringing warm and earthy tones to your home to instantly bring character and appeal to any room.


Casa Rustica, Mallorca, 2015



Cork will be a big trend during the year, which is very adaptable – it can be used for walls, floors or even to create pieces of art. Why not have a full wall of cork and pin your photographs to it – This would be perfect in an office or kitchen to add some notes and inspiration to brighten up your day. It provides texture and warmth and it is also noise-absorbent which may be an extra bonus if you have noisy neighbours. 

This trend also brings in reclaimed wood, chipboard and plywood too. Add a mixture of homely plant pots (Terracotta is perfect).

Follow this trend for the purpose of going totally organic and creating a minimal relaxing ambiance to come home to or just add accents of organic materials to your space. 


Cape Cod Residence



With everyone being so immersed in technology, detaching yourself from gadgets and tech is much needed now and again. Use 2017 to set some intentions to create a peaceful spot in your home where you can relax with a good book, listen to music or mediate.

Maybe it is time to maximize your space and transform that little abandoned area of your home into your very own private spot. Why not set-up a reading nook or just layer up some floor cushions where you can sit and reflect and relax away from all the noise.


Northshore Lake Front Estate



Dark Green will be prominent in 2017 as this colour symbolizes rejuvenation, peace and harmony. It’s a very calming colour that still projects elegance and class. A deep green is a great way to bring the outside inside whether that is by revamping the walls, adding some gorgeous plants or bringing in a dark green piece of artwork; anything that helps us connect with nature in some form or another will bring balance and restoration to our mood.


Cormar Carpets



The vibrant jewel tones of emerald, sapphire, ruby and amethyst will make your 2017 ooze with decadence. These features are perfect for dark timbers and rich wood tones that can glam up a room any time. Accessorize dark tones with sparkling gold accents and reflective metal surfaces. Use lush velvets, drapes and classic quilted sofas to complete the look. 


Malvern Residence 2



This trend is a breakaway from the conventional and modular hard headboards. Make your bed extra cosy with a soft plush headboard. It is an easy and creative way to update your bed whilst keeping up with the 2017 trends. Adding a new headboard to your bed is a great way to bring through some of the other trends for this year including velvets and sparkly accents.


Lancelot Place, Knightsbridge



Antique and vintage furniture has everything you need to make your home feel stylish and homely this year. Adding new accents of repurposed furniture doesn’t only provide your home with the comfort you need but it will also add character and charm that can’t be replicated in any other home. A new year certainly doesn’t have to mean new furniture so, get your DIY gloves on and reuse, recycle and reupholster.


Edwardian House, South West London



Authenticity will be a very big trend in 2017. Traditional handmade products will be highly appreciated this year and are the perfect additions for a modern home. Artisanal features like embroidery, knitting and crochet will channel uniqueness and ingenuity in your home. You can add accents throughout your rooms with cushions, blankets, wall hangings or even handcrafted furniture, lighting and mirrors.


work space

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