3rd Anniversary of an idea inspired by the Diamond Jubilee

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Seems that's it's true, you do get your ideas on a Sunday!

In this case was during the Thames Jubilee Regatta that an idea came about … why not celebrate women in business in a fun way and give them a crown in the Jubilee year.

So #QueenOf day began in July 2012, firstly as a winner a week and just the badge to show off then things grew from there.

Thanks to #SBS and other networking activity of Twitter the main business account was at a healthy number, but decided to start a new account to deal with this and other promotions and fun stuff I might want the business to deal with, so Andy Quinn @ADG_IQ was born (with the help of an illustrator #SBS winner too) as the numbers on both accounts grew in the case of the account very quickly.

As the competition continued and winners wanting to show off their badges Certificates, Phone Cases, Mugs, Coasters and other goodies were introduced and Trophies thanks to another very helpful #SBS winner in the shape of @LRBTrophies.

To be more inclusive #KingOf day was introduced to promote men in business, bit more of a bumbier start but as the saying goes good things come to those who wait.

So 3 years on, there are now over 500 winners, a website to promote the winners, various social media groups on various platforms and a networking hour on Twitter (oh and some new winners badge styles too).

Why not take a look for yourself theroyalconnection.co.uk

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