5 Reasons To Buy British?

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Do you support British businesses?  Why should you buy from them?  What are the benefits both for you and for the UK?

It seems that especially since lockdown there are numerous new small British businesses that have started up.  There are many reasons to support British businesses, they are here are just a few of them.

British Lighting - Why buy British?


1.  Supporting the local economy

By buying from a British company you are helping to keep British people in employment (something that is especially important at the moment).  The money paid to those employees is more likely to be spent in Britain and re invested into our economy.  It’s a win win!

2.  Carbon footprint

A big advantage is the environmental impact. Products and materials aren’t shipped around the world meaning there is a lower environmental impact.  By buying British you are reducing your carbon footprint.  By buying British we can all help to do our bit for the environment


Your carbon footprint - why buy British?

3.  Quality

British manufacturing is amongst the best in the world and renowned for its quality.  You are investing in skilfully manufactured products that are designed and crafted to last.  You are also helping to keep these skills alive, many of which have been handed down through generations.  It is true that many products may be more expensive.  But you won’t have to replace them, linking back to the previous point and the movement away from a throwaway culture.  The “less is more” ethos is becoming more popular as consumers are becoming more aware of the environmental impact we are having by consuming more and more. Investing in quality items that will last and you will spend less in the long run.  By buying British you often get really unique designs as well.  How exciting to own an item that is that little bit different, not a run of the mill product like everyone else has.

4.  Great service

Who doesn’t love great customer service?!  When you experience great customer service it makes the whole buying process so much more enjoyable.  A British company who sources all their materials in the UK has much more control over all the stages of their process.  This means that every component can checked and issues can be resolved easily and quickly.  British companies generally make it easy to contact them, in fact they encourage conversations with their customers.  Being able to talk to a company and build relationships is far nicer than purchasing from a faceless organisation.

great customer service - Buy British lighting

5.  Ethical sourcing

Buying British allows you to have a clear conscience.  Many products that are manufactured overseas are not manufactured in acceptable conditions.  When you buy a British you know that the person making it will have been paid a fair wage whilst working in a safe environment.

Triple brushed brass pendant lighting

Tell us about the British companies that you support?

Here at arcform, all our products are designed, sourced and made in Britain.  We are proud to be a British company.  Shop our collection of British designed and made lighting here.

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