5 Reasons To Love Your Home Office

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When you squirrel away, where do you go? Some head straight for the living room sofa, encasing themselves in a blanket fort with a peep hole. Others shut the bedroom door, draw the shades and prepare for a nap. But another contingent of homeowners – the home office crowd – have another sort of refuge to savour.

That’s because fitted home studies are your personal get-out clause from the world beyond the window. Letting them go to waste is a massive shame, both for your sense of privacy and the visual playground they can represent. Here are five reasons why home offices are ace:

1. Home working hubs

Millions of professionals are granted the privilege of remote working, or choose to launch their business from home. If you’re facing a long stretch in this scenario, then an office can absorb all the requirements you’re after, such as a phone and multiple PC monitors. Having a dedicated space can really help to distinguish work and leisure time.

2. A shrine to your accomplishments

Maybe you excelled as a football player years ago, or have a stash of trophies from work or your creative projects. Polish them up, buy a worthy shelving unit or three, and surround yourself in the weight of what’s been achieved! They can be souvenirs of your favourite experiences too, like a big, decorative atlas resting on the side of your desk, spun to reflect that life-changing holiday in Australia.

3. Helping an artist hunker down

Writers and artists love being in their own space, scheming madly on the next essay, diary or composition piece. Buy a sturdy oak desk and indulge your passion for solitude, as well as stacks of papers leaning at every angle.

Pens, quills, typewriters, graphics materials; no matter your preferred medium, fitted home offices can cater for it, built around the practicalities of your craft. Think of a spacious view onto the garden, and what it’ll do for writer’s block…

4. After-hours social time

The movies have taught us that pouring our pals a scotch at the end of a day, flanked on all sides by dense mahogany, is the ultimate statement of a cultured evening. So why not make this a reality? Friends will adore stealing away with you to a study room, opening a fitted drinks cabinet and clinking ice in their glass as the armchair beckons.

5. The neatest hideout imaginable

Hartleys recognise that some of you will have a very no-nonsense view of home studies, and that’s fine too. ‘I want to organise my business accounts,’ you may think, ‘file things appropriately and know where my spare cables are!’

Well, fitted home offices will push right back against the dimensions of the room, freeing up your floor for a swivel chair and filing cabinet. We can install storage nooks for almost anything you’re keen to keep in order, with surprising shapes to enjoy.

Often, the best things in life are in the places we seem to pass over. Jumpstart your home office transformation with Hartleys Rooms, the sharpest provider of fitted and freestanding furniture in the North, to put your own stamp on that personal space. Contact us today or visit our Skipton showroom for inspiration.

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