5 Savvy Tips to Help sell your Home

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So your thinking about putting your home on the market but No one wants to spend money on their home when they are getting ready to sell, but it can be crucial if you want to sell your house quickly and for the price you want

1. Paint


a fresh coat of paint will freshen up your rooms; no need to buy expensive designer paints most decorator centre’s will be able to match any colour at a fraction of the price, a nice off white will give your room a good blank canvas as it will be your soft furnishing that bring the room to life.

2. Make Necessary Repairs


Go ahead and make any repair work that you have left unfinished. Not only will the buyer's home inspector find those issues anyway, but you are hindering offers if there are obvious repairs that need to be made.


Unfinished repairs or projects reflect badly on the overall maintenance of the home and send up a red flag to would-be buyers. Nothing will make a buyer pull out of a deal and run for the hills faster than a home inspection report riddled with needed repairs and safety concerns.

3. Replace Old Carpet


If you have old or stained carpet, you should consider replacing them before putting your home on the market. No one wants to see old stained carpets; this will put buyers off straight away.

From our experience people are looking for convenience, they just want to be able to move straight in and change rooms to their choice of décor once they have had time to settle in. Also avoid the temptation on buying the cheapest carpet you can find as people will pick up straight away that they are poor quality carpets and this might affect their buying decision. 

Always choose a neutral coloured carpet aim to spend around £12.99 per square metre, this will get you a reasonably good quality carpet and they may even add value to your home but will defiantly make your home easier to sell. Same thing goes for vinyl flooring — you're going to have a hard time selling if it's old, torn or stained. Replace it with a clean, neutral vinyl or a Luxury vinyl tile such as amtico flooring.

4. Install Solid-Surface Countertops


You’ve probably heard that kitchens and bathrooms sell houses. If you are interested in getting your house sold quickly, replacing old or damaged laminate worktops is an affordable solution and will cost less than £200.00; you can also get a basic bathroom suite for a couple of hundred quid and there very simple to install if you keeping the existing pipe work in the same place

5. Find a Designer


Investing a few hundred pounds with a really good home stager can help you make thousands when selling your home. They can also produce mood boards. Not all stagers are created equal. Do your homework and  find someone with a good track record and a great portfolio so you can see the work before investing in a consultaion.

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