5 Simple Ways to Give Your Home a January Makeover

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Once Christmas is over and the decorations come down, our homes can seem a little dull and uninspiring. Instead of feeling deflated after saying goodbye to the twinkling lights and glittery ornaments, instead see it as an opportunity to give your home a new look for the year ahead.

As we face a third national lockdown, we will once again be spending a considerable amount of time indoors, so why not make a few positive changes to your home interior? A few simple changes to our most lived in rooms will most certainly play a role in banishing the January blues. So in this blog, we look at different ways in which you can give your home a seasonal makeover in both a budget-friendly and easy to achieve manner.

Dust and Declutter

Forget spring cleaning – now is the time to get rid of clutter, dust behind furniture and ensure that all nooks and crannies are free from soot and spiders’ webs! Yes, it’s likely the most boring part of any home makeover, but a clean and clutter free home promotes positive feng shui and the perfect backdrop for a new look.

If you didn’t do so before Christmas, focus on drawers and cupboards for items you no longer need or want. This will clear storage space for the treasures currently cluttering your surfaces, making your room look untidy. If your require a more substantial storage solution, consider investing in good quality fitted furniture, which will give your room a streamlined appeal and provide you with the extra storage you require.

Let Nature In

There is such an anti-climax after the festive season; this is partly due to the absence of the Christmas tree which quickly becomes the focal point over the festivities. Nature is a real mood booster so consider replacing your Christmas tree with other natural decorations. A large potted plant will help fill unsightly gaps, and herb wreaths will provide a welcoming addition to any entrance hall or porch. Bulbs quickly flower to provide a flourish of colour and you could even drape natural garlands of foliage across the tops of feature mirrors or pictures to provide a wintery woodland feel.

Budget Brightness

Adding a splash of colour to your interiors will certainly make up for the lack of colourful Christmas decorations and will bring a positive vibe to your home. Inexpensive patterned cushions, colourful vases, decorative throws and even a new piece of wall art will contribute to giving your room a brand new look without breaking the bank. Add a cosy atmosphere to your home by dotting shiny tea light holders and votifs around your surfaces and mantelpiece. If you’re concerned about safety, use LED tea lights instead. And if you have a creative side, why not have a go at creating your own art? That’s a lockdown activity the whole family could get involved in.

Light the Way

Fairy lights don’t just have to be for Christmas! Delicate strings of warm white LED lights will add ambience to any room and provide an instant cosy appeal. There are endless ways in which they can be used too! Carefully wrap them around bathroom mirrors for a touch of Hollywood glamour or drape them around windowsill ledges or shelving to brighten up dull spaces. For a decorative centrepiece, try wrapping them around a plant pot, twirling them between natural twigs and foliage or placing in a simple glass bowl or empty bottle.

Get Cosy with Textures

The textures used within a room can massively contribute to the overall feel. As we are now in the heart of winter, it’s best to choose textures that add warmth and comfort. Steer clear of crisp cottons and cool linens and instead opt for chunky knits and faux furs. A selection of cushions in different textures will turn any sofa, bed or corner into a cosy comfort spot. Warm throws draped over chairs or across the ends of beds will look pretty but will also come in useful on particularly cold days.

If you’re considering bespoke furniture for your home and would like to tap into our storage design expertise, we’d love to hear from you. Please contact us via our website or call us on tel 01756 700471 to speak to a member of our design team.

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