5 Steps To Transform A Disorganised Home Into A Hub Of Productivity!

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A disorganised living space can cause you to feel overwhelmingly busy, unproductive or uncomfortable. This can have a negative impact on your general wellbeing and increase your stress levels. Of course there are ways to bring a little calm to the chaos and we’ve put together five simple steps that will allow you to reclaim your home as a hive of productivity and positive thinking!

1. Remove the clutter

Decluttering can really help to create extra space and get you on the path to an orderly home (where your to-do list actually gets completed and not just added to!) Go through all your possessions, starting small by dealing with the objects you’re certain you want rid of, such as those that are broken or no longer serve their purpose.

Be ruthless; a more minimal way of living can be a welcome breath of fresh air, so answer the “do I really need this?” question as honestly as possible. For items you’re uncertain about, consider when you last used them. Sentimental items can stack up, so consider what truly brings you joy, and whether it outweighs your struggle to get anything done!

2. Tidy piece by piece

Trying to tackle the entire house all at once may be a daunting prospect and you may be tempted to give up before you’ve even started, so break the rooms down into manageable sections. Don’t try to do too much in one day either – what seems like a small task can actually be a large one in disguise!

Whilst it’s difficult to accurately predict the time a room may take, spending too long decluttering may make you want to scrap the entire process altogether. Set limited times for each, and get other family members involved. Make it fun for the kids and create a rewards system whereby a treat is given when a section is completed within the allocated time!

3. Decide on designated areas

When you decide to keep an item, don’t just put it back in the place it came from. It will be far more efficient to maximise space by grouping your treasures, so decide on specific and practical areas for each type of item instead.

Make sure that you don’t dump anything else in the space after it’s been designated – whilst it may be easier to do so at the time, you’ll only have to go through the process again at a later stage. Being able to locate individual items immediately will mean you’re less stressed when you actually need them, and you can get back to the task at hand quickly.

4. Create a system and stick to it

Once you’ve made your home a haven of organisation, it’s time to keep it that way. Make sure both you and the kids stick to the specific item locations you have created – clear labelling will help ensure everyone remembers what goes where.

Don’t just replace the stuff you threw away with new clutter either. It’s a good idea to create a rule where when you buy a new item, you get rid of another one. And if you’re really keen you can set dates where you regularly review your home’s tidiness before your systems start to feel the pressure once more!

5. Use fitted furniture

Even with a spring clean and an organised system in place, furniture that renders you unable to move freely can still hamper your productivity. Features like sloping walls may be causing a serious, but avoidable, waste of space.

Fitted furniture, specifically designed for the dimensions of your room, and with your needs in mind, can fit into these awkward areas. Additionally, you can make the most of other features like beams and eaves to claw back space. Seeking professional guidance will help you to develop a clever, flexible storage solution that drastically improves your living environment.

Hartleys provide creative advice on all types of bespoke furniture, and you can even request a design visit to see how new options could work within your home. Contact us on 01756 700471, or have a look at our ranges for yourself by visiting our showroom in Yorkshire.

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