5 Summer Décor Trends To Transform Your Home

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With numerous barbeques and playdates bound to happen this summer, there’ll be more people visiting your home than usual. The décor will need to impress, but with the best styles changing continuously, it can be hard to keep on top of what will wow your guests.

To help you out, we’ve put together the five top summer décor trends that are guaranteed to transform your home for the better.


Plant-themed décor is understandably popular, given the mental and physical benefits such as reduced stress and blood pressure. It’s incredibly easy to incorporate botanicals within your home, for example by introducing real or artificial plants. You could complement the greenery with bold prints for your walls, such as ferns.

You can even use nature you’ve found yourself by pressing leaves and framing them. Encompass other elements of botanicals by hanging up plant-based imagery or utilising floral or leaf prints on furnishings. If you want a blend of nature, then an accent wall allows you to display a mix of patterns – you could choose a combination of insects, plants, flowers, branches, and tree trunks.

New pastels

Summer’s the perfect mix of heat and breeze, and this is an easy effect to achieve in your décor by opting for new pastels. Cool shades – such as duck egg blue and pearly grey – will provide a calm element, with muted pinks and bolder colours offering a hint of warmth.

Your fitted furniture, such as wardrobes, could be finished with a touch of coral paint. Furnishings, such as pillows and cushions, can be chosen in contrasting new pastel shades, and if you wanted to have a mix of all these colours, opt for a painted mural.

Relaxed rustic

A rustic design reflects our earth with natural tones and materials. Best used in a room with a minimal amount of furniture and objects to ensure the rustic elements stand out, combining whites, beiges and rich browns help to create a natural vibe, and weathered woods add warmth.

You can choose fitted furniture with unique markings so that your décor will be one of a kind. You can also leave fittings such as beams and exposed brickwork untouched to keep their natural feel, or enhance your walls by opting for wood cladding. Warm golds are ideal for keeping within the rustic theme whilst adding a stylish touch, and can be used in furnishings such as candleholders, vases and ornamental figurines.

Dark styling

Cooler shades may create a spacious feel, but they can result in a clinical atmosphere that feels less comfortable. With so many guests this summer, you’ll want them to feel welcome, and darker colours allow for this. Lighter tones can still be used too, but dark styling adds a subtle impact that is warm and inviting.

For example, you could paint your alcoves in midnight blue. Or you could opt for upholstering in gunmetal greys and forest greens to complement a lightly coloured sofa. You could even acquire some hand-painted furniture in warm tones of brass or intense purple to balance against white or cream carpets.

Global influences

If you’re yearning for another holiday, bring the sunny location to you instead. For a taste of Morocco, pick out a pouf or lantern in the shades of the country’s bright colours, such as blues, greens, oranges, reds and golds.

To create a tropical vibe, use palm prints, and opt for hand-painted furniture in vibrant blue and pale yellow to reflect the seaside. You can even add a seagrass or wicker hamper for the ultimate summer holiday feel (and your kids will love it!). For a touch of Africa, incorporate textiles in animal prints – like a zebra-striped throw or rug. Choose natural materials that’ll produce authenticity, and create a savannah by opting for hand-painted furniture in browns, creams or taupes.

With so many summer trends to choose from, you can easily transform your home. Stylising your décor by yourself isn’t easy though, so Hartleys are here to provide professional and creative design advice on bespoke furniture. For your free design appointment, phone us on 01756 700471, or see our ranges by visiting our Yorkshire showroom.

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