5 Ways To Add Luxe Appeal To Your Home

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Let’s face it; we’ve all spent a lot of time in our homes over the past year or so. From lockdowns and homeschooling to self-isolating and working from home, our houses are more lived in than they’ve ever been before. As the summer continues and a return to normality has been signalled, it’s the perfect time to give any tired-looking interiors a refresh.

Nowadays, inspiration for home design is only a screen tap away. Our social media feeds are filled with images of masterfully styled celebrity interiors and luxurious home renovations. Unfortunately, we don’t all have the budget for a professional home makeover or “show home” pad but with a bit of creativity and a few tricks of the trade, you can easily add that enviable luxe appeal to your own home. In this blog, we are sharing a few ways in which you can elevate your interiors and achieve a “high end” look without breaking the bank…

A Finer Finish

Our kitchens take a bit of a battering over the years and it’s often not long before a brand-new kitchen begins to look worn and outdated. A full kitchen refit is a considerable expense and can cause a great deal of upheaval which you may not need right now. If your kitchen units are looking tired and are in need of a facelift, consider painting them before you fork out thousands for new ones. Farrow & Ball do some beautiful eggshell paint shades which are perfect for giving an overworked family kitchen a whole new lease of life. Opt for Hardwick White for timeless country kitchen vibes or something like Paean Black for a luxurious and elegant finish.

Channel the Panels

Often associated with stately homes and opulent country retreats, wall panelling has been used for centuries in the UK. This year, however, it has made a huge comeback and is being adopted by A-listers across the globe and some of Instagram’s biggest home and interiors influencers. This easy-to-achieve look is surprisingly versatile but oozes elegance and sophistication.

Go natural with just a lick of varnish or opt for a more dramatic look by painting panelling in a dark shade such as black or navy. Floor-to-ceiling panelling is great for adding texture to a larger room, or it can be used on just the bottom half of the wall to complement luxury wallpaper.

Designer Mindset

In order to create a room that looks like it has been expertly styled by an interior designer, you need to think like an interior designer. Those at the top of their trade know that texture and colour are the keys to creating an uber-stylish abode. If you’re not confident in your eye for design, then adopt the 60-30-10 rule. This classic décor rule means that a dominant colour accounts for 60% of the space, a secondary colour or texture takes 30%, and the remaining 10% should be reserved for an accent colour or texture. For example, if your dominant colour is pink and you choose it for your walls, complement it with another colour for furniture and furnishings, then use the remaining 10% to accessorize with textures such as mixed metals or botanicals.

All in the Details

Sometimes it’s the little things which make the biggest impact, so pay attention to the finer details when designing your luxe interiors. You don’t need to have the most expensive silk wallpaper on your walls and an abundance of designer furniture to give your room a luxe look. A stylish and elegant result can be achieved through the finishing touches. So, if you’re going to invest in just one aspect of your new interior, make sure it’s the detail.

Firstly, a selection of lighting options will allow the mood to be set and changed as and when required. Good lighting is key to creating the right ambience and a minimum of three different light sources is suggested.

Secondly, think about soft furnishings. Luxury isn’t just about colour; it’s also about texture. A deep-pile statement rug will not only look stylish but will offer an element of luxurious comfort. Metallic accessories will instantly add glamour, and a gallery wall of art prints or monochrome photos will add interest to a blank space.

Clear the Clutter

Those dream homes in glossy mags and on social media may vary in style and design but they all have one thing in common – they’re tidy! Cluttered surfaces and messy corners are a big no-no when it comes to creating a luxurious space. Keep lines clean and clutter to a minimum by ensuring you have enough storage space for belongings. Installing fitted furniture is by far the best solution for a room that needs both visual appeal and a high level of functionality. Opt for sleek, minimalist designs with a range of savvy storage solutions for optimal function and maximum style.

At Hartleys we like to create furniture solutions which combine form and function. Effective bespoke storage will ensure that all belongings have a place, and hence, clutter is less likely to rebuild. Fitted furniture offers the intrinsic benefit of being streamlined, as it is specifically designed for a particular space. Both these elements will help create a luxury feel to your home, so if you’d like to find out more, please contact us on tel 01756 700471 or visit our Skipton showroom.

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