5 Space-Saving Tips For Cramped Hallways

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When you open your front door after a long day at work, you should feel instantly welcomed. Unfortunately, like many, you might be met with a cramped hallway that creates an immediate obstruction.

If your hallway feels restricted, and even taking off outerwear and putting down your shopping seems like a struggle, there is a solution: you can utilise helpful space-saving tips. Here we go…ladder storage

Display narrow fittings and furnishings

If your hallway naturally becomes a bit of a dumping ground, then smart storage may be just the answer. Any keys, letters, and other little knick-knacks can be kept out of sight – and the best part is that this doesn’t have to take up much space.

Slim units can give your hallway space to breathe, especially if you opt for fitted furniture, which will suit your area’s features perfectly. And cupboard doors can also be removed to open the space further and make it more accessible. Remember to look at any furnishings that take up room too – heavy curtains are a key culprit.slimline shelves

Make the most of every space

There are so many ways that fitted furniture will allow you to maximise on space, as well as keep your stuff effectively organised. You can fit wide shelving in the cupboard under the stairs, for example, which can house bulky space-sucking items.

Even if you think you don’t have any nooks and crannies in your hallway, but there will places you can consider. Perhaps you could attach up-high shelving on your porch wall, well out of harm’s way when you’re putting on your coat or shoes.

Use multipurpose furniture

You can save even more space with pieces that can be used for more than one function. A good example is the shelving – by simply attaching hooks, you can hang coats, scarves and bags.

Multipurpose furniture doesn’t have to relate to just storage, as you might want to use your hallway for more than this. You could have a low cabinet for shoes, which also has a bench on top for sitting. The family will be able to take their shoes on and off comfortably, plus have a space to relax occasionally too.

Organise your shoe storage

Speaking of shoe storage, this is an entire section of your hallway to consider altogether. Especially when you have a big family or a footwear addiction, the number of shoes can become overwhelming! One option is making the most of vertical space – there are specific ladder-style units that work really well.

Expandable shoe storage is another idea – one that’s particularly good if you plan on growing your collection in the future. Rather than having to buy multiple units, you can simply extend it when necessary.cupboard under the stairs

Adopt stylish tricks

It might be that your hallway feels cramped not because it is – but due to the décor. If this is the case, there are visual tricks you can use to make the area look more spacious. For instance, large mirrors will allow it to appear far more spacious than it actually is. Displaying one that covers an entire wall would work a treat!

Or you could use flooring with a diagonal pattern, and paint your walls with bold, horizontal stripes. A lighter colour scheme will make the space feel more expansive too.

There are so many ways you can save space in your hallway – or any other interior area. And Hartleys can help you. We offer not only creative and design advice, but quality and sustainable bespoke furniture as well.

If you’d like a design visit, we would be more than happy to pop round and see you. You can also have a look at our many storage solutions by visiting our Yorkshire factory and showroom. Get in touch with us to arrange a suitable day.

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