5 Storage Solutions Every Home Should Have

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There’s a fine line between homely and cluttered. However, keeping on top of your family’s personal belongings can be difficult, especially if you’re lacking places to put them. Clever storage solutions can combat clutter and organise your essentials, restoring order in your home by making it easier to tidy things away.

Here are a few things that we think every homeowner should invest in, if you haven’t already:

1. Discreet Shoe Rack

Shoe racks are a must-have storage solution if you don’t want to waste time searching for your favourite sandals beneath a pile of smelly boots and trainers. However, it’s important not to compromise on quality to ensure your footware collection stays in top notch condition. When refurbishing your bedroom, dressing room or utility room, fitted furniture can solve your shoe-storing woes, tucking them neatly away in an organised fashion, reclaiming previously redundant, wasted space.

2. Wardrobe Essentials

However, shoes aren’t the only things that are likely to be ‘clogging’ up your home. Storing clothing and accessories such as handbags and tights, ties and suits, can be a challenge. Throwing them into the cupboard with the rest of your clothes can result in them getting lost, creased or damaged. By investing in furniture that has tailored compartments for those everyday basics, you can get your wardrobe in order.

3. Filing Cabinet

Those bills and statements need a home if you want to prevent your desk or dining table from disappearing under a mountain of paperwork. That said, a bulky steel cabinet can be an eyesore in any room of the house. By choosing bespoke furniture for your home office, you can opt for built-in filing drawers to hide those documents out of sight, whilst keeping them close to hand for when you need them.

4. Space for Spare Bedding

Over the years, we seem to accumulate a lot of spare sheets, pillows and duvets. But without a cupboard large enough to keep them together, you’ll likely have bedding scattered in random places around the house. From freestanding furniture such as ottomans, to overhead cupboards that keep sheets out of the way, give your spare bedding a cool, dry home to ensure it stays in perfect condition.

5. Books, CDs and DVDs

If your book collection is quickly turning into the leaning tower of Pisa, it may be time to invest in shelving. Organised and displayed well, books, CDs and DVDs can make your house look and feel like home. So instead of letting them pile up in your living room, harness your favourite films and music to create a stunning feature with innovative storage solutions.

With a few small changes to your home, you can reduce clutter and make it easy to stay organised. Looking for storage that slots in seamlessly with the rest of your furniture? Hartleys Rooms offer a bespoke service, working with you to create beautiful storage solutions that meet your exact requirements.


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