5 Ways To Add Character To Your New Build Home

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New builds are modern and sleek, but rarely vary from house to house. Your plot is likely to be the same size as the rest of the development, and the dimensions and shape can often look ‘blocky’.

Thankfully, there are some ways you can easily achieve an individual appearance and unique feel for your home.

1. Include texture

New builds are renowned for their smooth and seamless surfaces, but this can look monotonous. Raw materials will help to create character. Exposed brick walls can be placed as indoor partitions, which can help divide large spaces too. Alternatively, brick effect tiles can achieve the same look on your existing walls.

Or you could use wood – its versatility provides an endless list of options, including flooring, simple shelving, and fitted furniture. Furnishings and upholstery can also easily give texture to a room. Velvet cushioning can add interest to basic chairs, chunky wool knits can be laid across armrests, and cosy rugs make for both an attractive and protected floor.

2. Install a fireplace

A fireplace will give your home a more traditional feel, and is also a fantastic way to instantly make a room seem more welcoming. Not to mention, you’ll save money on heating in the colder months!

Scout out your local reclamation yards to gather the materials for the fireplace. This will help you achieve a more sustainable living space as well as reduce your construction costs – and you might even come across a hidden gem that’s packed with character.

3. Embrace lush greenery

Plants come in such a range of shapes, sizes and textures that displaying just a few will present a completely different look for your home. Lush greenery also makes your property feel more alive – doses of colour will brighten up the white or cream canvas of a new build.
The advantages don’t end here either. Their biophilic elements are fantastic for enhancing wellbeing, boosting creativity and increasing productivity. With these benefits, guests will love coming to visit.

4. Get personal

Nothing brings a home to life like injecting a little personality. Make your space completely your own by displaying photographs of cherished moments, or make a gallery wall out of interesting and varied works of art.

Holiday souvenirs make perfect additions to shelving or bookcases, and they’ll always bring a smile to your face whenever you look at them. Not only will you be able to share stories of the mementos to guests, you’ll also have a totally unique home that feels entirely different to those around you.

5. Mix and match furnishings

Whilst high street furniture is often affordable and functional, it can look a bit too polished. This is especially true if it has been bought in sets, giving your rooms a very uniform feel.

Instead, team your shop bought pieces with a charity shop buy, or an item that has been upcycled. By having individual pieces in every room, each will have a different personality that is both eclectic and inviting.

Some of the work involved in adding character with your furnishings can be a DIY job. But ensuring you’re making creative design choices that will complement your new build, rather than produce an unattractive contrast, might not be your forte.

Hartleys can advise on this, and even pay a design visit to your home to determine the best ways to add individuality. You can contact us on 01756 700471, and if you’d like to see our varied selection of bespoke furniture, you can drop in at our Yorkshire showroom.


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