5 Ways To Feng Shui Your Home Study

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Over the past few months many people in the UK have been required to work from home. Despite lockdown rules being loosened recently, a vast number of us will continue to do so for some time yet. Those who aren’t used to working from home will no doubt have faced and overcome numerous challenges.

Trying to be productive and concentrate on your professional life in the place you normally associate with family time and relaxing is by no means easy.  With children ever present and extra family members sharing your space, as well as household tasks visibly piling up around you, the sofa looks far more appealing than your desk and it can be difficult to remain focused and motivated.

Separating your home life from your working life is essential for wellbeing but when it isn’t possible, we need to find new ways to achieve that perfect balance.

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese practice that uses energy forces to help harmonise individuals with their environments. By following the rules of feng shui, you may find working from home far easier to manage and your stress levels may reduce considerably. A few simply changes could result in notable increases in productivity and creativity.

Here are a few ways you can use feng shui to make your home office more harmonious…

Avoid The Bedroom

For positive feng shui, it is essential that you separate your working area from your resting area. Whilst setting up a temporary desk in the bedroom may seem like the most convenient solution, it goes against one of the strictest rules of feng shui. Your bedroom is meant to be a haven of relaxation; not a place for work. Using your bedroom as your home office will throw the energy of the room off balance. If you do not have a separate home office, set up a temporary workspace in the dining room or spare room instead.  If working from your bedroom really is your only option, try to keep your workspace as far away from your bed as possible.

Clear Away Clutter

The Chinese believe that there is an invisible energy that binds life together. Known as “chi” it is unable to exist in an area which is dirty, disorganised or cluttered.  Your home office should be clean, tidy and well organised. Fitted furniture is a great solution as it is streamlined, easy to clean and provides a variety of subtle storage solutions – all of which help to create positive feng shui.  According to feng shui, it is particularly important that the south-eastern section of your home office is clutter-free to allow the free flow of energy, so make this your primary focus if space is limited.

All About The Desk

Before you consider the placement of other furniture in your home office, you need to decide where your desk will go.  Experts suggest placing your desk in the so-called feng shui commanding position to attract strong and successful energies you your work areas. This means not having your back to the door and ensuring there is a solid wall behind you. Feng shui believes the doorway is the mouth of energy coming into a room so you don’t want to place your desk right in the middle of that stream of energy. Diagonally across from the doorway is recommended. For the desk itself, recommendations are for a rectangular wooden desk with wood itself promoting positive energy.

Choose The Right Décor 

When it comes to decorating your workspace, each colour determines a different energy and meaning, according to feng shui. Grey is calming, brown is steady, pale green represents knowledge and growth, blue inspires clarity and white provides focus. Plants also activate positive energy, such as reducing the negative effects of the electromagnetic energy coming from your computer. They also help detox the air, such as the peace lily, rubber plant and African violet. Also consider decorating with photos, pictures and accessories which make you feel happy and positive.

A View To Success

The view from your desk is important. Facing a blank wall can make you feel like you’re up against obstacles with a lack the vision to work around them. Your garden or other natural scenery will provide a calm, thought-provoking and inspired view. Likewise, if your body does not get enough natural light, you will not enjoy being in your office, regardless of how much you love your job.

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