8 Tips to Sell your home for your asking price

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I recently wrote a blog post about how to sell your home for your asking price (if not exceed it) I thought I would reach out to fellow #SBS winners and get their input too, and it worked out pretty well!

So, you are planning to sell your home in these unprecedented times… perhaps you were trying to sell before the lock down started and you'd like to now get on with it and make a move now that the real estate market has opened up. However you may be a little nervous about letting potential buyers into your home!  It's a catch 22 – you really WANT to sell but how do you best show off your property, get it seen by as many potetntial buyers as possible, and actually sell your home for your asking price?

Here are a couple of helpful tips to showcase your home at it's best;

1. First things first – Declutter!

Room by room, ensure that anyone viewing the space can actually see the space and imagine their belongings and furniture in place. We highly recommend Jo Hall from Less is More who does a superb job of helping organise and declutter your space – she can either do this with you, in your home, or also offers a virtual service, where she talks you through ideas of how you can clear the decks! Word of warning though, she may make you love the space you’re living in, and you may decide you don’t want to move after all!!

2. A Lick of Paint works wonders

Even if it is just the kitchen or bathroom – or even a single signature wall – a coat of fresh paint helps make a room look larger (with a light bright colour) and give the room a fresh appeal. If you don’t want to do the hard work yourself, you can get a handyman or decorator in who can do it for you.

3. Check your curb appeal

Have a look at the front of your property with critical eyes. Are there any weeds that need to be pulled from the driveway, pot plants that need to be neatened or fences that need a lick of paint? First impressions really do count – think about how a hanging basket could add a pop of colour hanging next to your front door or a topiary tub at the gates.

“Nine out of ten buyers make their mind up within five minutes of arriving, therefore it’s key to make sure that everything looks perfect on the driveway, the front lawn and the garden,” says Rupert Sweeting, head of country sales at Knight Frank.

Fellow #SBS winners and Landscaping designers Aye Gardening can work with you to consult, design and give you landscaping ideas. (Another word of warning though, you may love your new look garden so much you may not want to move!)

4. Brighten up your Garden

You don’t need to spend a lot at the garden centre, but certainly a few brightly coloured bedding plants for your borders, and a neatly mown lawn will make a dramatic difference. Whilst first impressions count, last impressions leave a lasting impression!

5. Clean your Windows

Make sure you get the Windolene out and give your windows a good washing – let the light into your home, and by the same token, ensure that the windows are clean and streak free to look outdoors and into the garden.

6. Bring the outside in

Freshly cut flowers or healthy pot plants can add colour to a room and enhance the homely feel.

7. Invest in some (Common) Scents

Do not under estimate the power of scent! The smell of freshly brewed coffee or a home baked loaf of bread in the kitchen leaves a lasting impression, and also adds a subconscious message to the potential buyer, that they could imagine themselves living and working daily in this kitchen. Don’t overdo it though – subtle scents are inviting, last night’s garlic dinner, not so much!

Burning scented candles or wax melts in the lounge and even fresh linen scented candles in the bedrooms just before the viewing is a great idea as they can add a lasting fragrance which leaves a lasting impression. Kiss Air Candles manufacture beautiful candles infused with strong fragrances that last as well as cheeky little messages you could leave on show!

8. De-Personalise the space

Keep personal family photographs, ornaments and frames to a minimum – pop them in a drawer during the viewing. Remember to tidy away laundry and pop washed dishes back in the cupboard, not drying next to the kitchen sink! Ensure that in the children’s rooms, toys are neatly placed in toy boxes or hidden away in cupboards. By all means if you are wanting to sell your home to a family, you can style it so that the potential buyers can imagine living there – pop a chidren’s’ story book open on the bed or leave a teddy on the pillow.


If you follow all this advice, you may just get your asking price, if not exceed it! AND if you are wanting to get the right purchasers through your door, you should definitely ensure your photographs and property marketing materials are of the highest quality, whilst your property is looking it’s best.


Press Play are the experts in video and photography for property marketing. We create outstanding imagery that sells houses. During these unprecedented times of Covid19, we have seen a huge rise in real estate agents and home owners alike utilising our services for video fly throughs, Matterport virtual viewings and our dynamic photography. If you want your home to sell fast and you’d like the right property marketing tools to do so, please do get in touch with us for a no-obligation quote.



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