A Guide To Maximising The Space In Your Home

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No home-owner ever complains about having too much space. Whether your property is of palatial proportions or a bijoux city apartment, we could always do with another room for gaming and a TV, an additional wardrobe for coats or another bed for when guests come to stay. Sometimes it’s hard to spot where and how that space can be created; we’ve got a few ideas to share…

 A Fitted Furniture LayoutBespoke fitted bedroom furniture

Bespoke furniture, which is by definition designed and made individually to suit specific dimensions, is a simple way to make the best use of space available in your home. Rather than ill-fitting freestanding furniture which can both under-utilise a space and look incongruous, you’ll get better value when it comes to storage, as well as a sleeker finish.

Built-in furniture gives you endless options in this regard. Providing a seamless fit which avoids gapping and reaches from the floor to ceiling, it smartly moulds itself around features such as beams, sloping ceilings and jutting window sills.


Tailor made fitted furniture also offers wardrobe interiors designed for your specific belongings. From long hanging for coats and dresses to deep shelving for blankets and towels, fitted furniture means there is a place for everything and will keep your room feeling and looking tidy and organised.Fitted furniture in any space

Designed For Added Value

A fully fitted room will also offer options on space utilisation that you may not have considered before. Bridging units above the bed will add extra storage space, and fitted floor units will ensure that you don’t lose space in the corners of your room, such as a desk or dressing table sitting flush against a stable door feature.Storage solution for your bedroom

Add Flexibility With A Multi-Functional Room

If you want to keep the option of inviting guests over, whilst being able to utilise the spare room on a day-to-day basis, there are clever design solutions that can help you create a multi-functional room. Fold-down beds, for example, are becoming increasingly popular with the rise of home working, allowing space for both a desk and a bed.

How do they work? A fold-down bed is an integrated bed mechanism attached to a wall which enables the optimum use of space without compromising on style. The bed is easily pulled down into position by one person and glides back to fix against the wall again in a matter of seconds. Perfect for guests, fold-down beds are also a handy option for when older children leave for pastures new, allowing the room an alternative use, but easily reverting to a cosy bedroom for weekends and holidays.Fold down bed in home study

Popular in small rooms or properties, fold-down beds are ideal as a guest bed within a lounge or open plan area, or as a main bed in a studio apartment. The perfect partnering of the bed mechanism and the furniture design creates dual purpose and use of floor space to its maximum potential.

An extra bedroom adds approximately 10% to the value of your property. So if you have a spare room which you aren’t making full use of, you could be wasting space and money!

If you’re interested in benefitting from our space-saving ideas, we’d love the opportunity to view your room(s) and offer our ideas. Whether you visit our Skipton showroom, or we meet you at your property, the choice is yours. Telephone us on 01756 700471 or fill out our Contact Us form. We look forward to discussing your furniture plans!

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