A Inspirational Day

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I would like to thank Theo and his wonderful team, for providing an inspirational and informative day at the SBS winners event on Friday 30 January.

It was my husband and business partner Doug Cole's, first time attending a business event, and boy it did not dissapoint.  

Doug was diagnosed with MS at the age of 40 and I suffered a brain hemorrhage some six months later, which is why we decided to follow our dream of working with animals. Our business, Nina's Nannies for Pets was founded soon after.

 It was always our dream to work with animals, but I am the extrovert, who works front of house and Doug is the steady hand that guides the ship, while still actively involved with the day to day dog walking and visits.  No mean feat with Multiple Sclerosis!

The event was a wonderful opportunity to meet like minded people and to benefit from the inspirational advice offered by Theo and his panel, during questions and answers. Several times I was desperate to raise my hand, but my last media appearance saw my getting my anti semetic  muddled with antiemetic and I did not wish to offend on such a large stage and in front of so many eminent people!  

Next year, we plan to visit again, only this time the 3 inch heels will be replaced by comfy trainers and the business suit with a pair of jeans and a sloppy jumper.  This event is the ideal opportunity to shout about your business, so I will be taking my thinking cap out of the top drawer to find an innovative marketing idea, which will have even the hardest dragons wanting a slice of our company!!!! 



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