Adding Architectural Charm To Your Interior

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Some properties are blessed with superior architectural touches – the kind that wow interior design experts and add extra zeros to the price tag. However, if you don’t happen to own such a home, all is not lost. With a little intuitiveness, you can add similarly sublime strokes yourself.

You might not have the dexterous hands of an architect, but refining your interior is a real possibility with the right tips to hand. Here, we show you how to add the kind of architectural charm that can enhance the overall look, feel and value of your property.

Frame your fireplace

Transforming your fireplace, if you have one, is a great spot to begin when charming-up your living room interior. Wood can be used to cover the metallic framework of the fireplace, with natural stone tiles on top and cement board in between.

A little investment in this focal point of the room will add personality to your décor, by giving the appearance of a genuine stonemason-crafted fireplace.

Spice up the ceiling

Adding charismatic ceiling beams with a rustic wood twist can help you fuse “classic” with “contemporary”, creating the illusion that a reputable designer has taken charge of your interior.

Ceiling beams can be added to almost any home, doubling as spots to hang architectural lighting fixtures that gracefully spiral downwards. If you’re looking for a more “regal” effect, installing your very own ceiling medallion will work a treat, but beams are best for anyone on a tighter budget.

Mix up the entranceways

Utilising a mixture of interior doors can add a welcome sense of versatility and uniqueness to your home, separating different areas of the property whilst providing added aesthetic effect.

Sliding doors, for example, are a terrific complement to a fitted home office, whilst internal folding doors can function perfectly for conservatories and kitchens that open out into living and dining spaces.

Perfect the peripheries

Decorating the skirting boards, window frames, doorframes and ceiling skirting with an attractive trim can really catch the eye, spreading sophistication into every corner of the household.

A few small touches can make a big impact, leaving behind a handcrafted-style effect that’s both homely and esteemed all at once. In doing so, you can completely transform the look and feel of any room.

Get arty

Architectural salvage-style items can be found all over the web for affordable prices; adding something fresh and exciting to the walls within your home. Any room boasting large, attractive art pieces is guaranteed to turn heads, conjuring up intrigued conversation whenever you have people over to visit for a dinner party.

The process of improving the architectural appearance of your home can raise all kinds of questions – and the experts here at Hartleys can help. We have years’ worth of knowledge in the interior design industry, specialising in bespoke free-standing and fitted furniture solutions.

Give us a call on 01756 700 471 or drop us a line using our contact form for expert advice, support and guidance on how to boost your home’s architectural charm. 

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