Adding some fun to your brand and marketing!

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With talk about the next Wold Cup I thought it would be good to look at how businesses and organisations use a mascot to promote themselves, fitting given the fact that as a business I do the same.

A mascot is a good engagement tool, it’s much more distinctive and will grab peoples attention in both adverts and products. You might ask why have one, obviously it won’t fit with all businesses and business types.

In the case of the Brazilian World Cup Mascot, Fuleco he has his own FIFA website with a fun history, games, photos of him out and about in Brazil, and even his own Twitter account & Facebook page. Not forgetting there will always be a market for a funky keepsake of the event and what better than that using Fuleco.

In many respects you’ll probably remember the mascot better than the event or even your nations team performance.

The business itself has a cheeky mascot callled Andy Quinn @ADG_IQ which came about in late 2012 to be more of an advice, marketing, general promotion and competitions arm to the business to allow the main account to talk and interact more without being too 'sales' oriantated and allows for another point of contact for the business too.

In his own was Andy Quinn has also expanded the business remit of helping businesses, which can be evident on Twitter and on one of of the other businesses websites, granted more time management needed for additional Twitter content but if you're not out promoting the business and finding unique ways to do it, no one is going to do it for you.

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