Affordable Shortcuts To Your Dream Bedroom

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We all wish we had more money to play with. But most of us have a cap on how much we can afford for the perfect bedroom. A few things could be glowingly, incredibly feasible but the rest is… lacking somewhat, just because there’s a price limit to stay under.

The Hartleys team want to tell you that all isn’t lost for beautiful, cash-friendly décor – as long as you have the right advisers on board. Without further ado, let’s explore what shortcuts are available. They’ll motivate your next makeover more than you may realise…

Choose MDF over hardwood

Searching for a freestanding wardrobe or drawer chest? Solid wood has many benefits, but is more expensive than other variants. Solid woods include oak, mahogany and elm – just three examples of materials that push up the cost of your interior features. Yes, you get a delicious run of natural visuals, but there are alternative ways to nail the same look.

We’re great believers in MDF, which is a high grade, composite material that performs better than solid wood in many areas. It's an excellent option for furniture making, especially if that piece of furniture is going to have a paint finish. It can also drastically reduce the amount you pay for a bedroom unit whilst still delivering the effect you want. Dark wood-grains, greys, oak and birch finishes are all easily achievable with high quality MDF.

Ask for a designer’s opinion on the ‘smaller stuff’

Hartleys’ experts are dab hands at suggesting which eye-grabbing bedroom furniture is going to launch your concept. But what about the less central aspects of the room? We’re talking about canvases, ornaments, throws, rugs and lighting fixtures; in other words, the smaller details on the grand picture. Small they may be, but costs can soon add up when shopping at random.

Handily though, we’re used to following the latest interior trends. Few style catalogues fly under our radar. Ask us what’s hot in the world of design, and we’ll tell you the best places to source a bedroom accessory, or give an idea of what price range you should reasonably be aiming for.

Economise your storage

Purpose-built furniture can take almost any form you can think of. A vein creeping through it, however, is the emergence of clever storage solutions that help you make the best use of space. By adding storage to your bespoke order, this may erase the need for a huge, wall-length wardrobe or walk-in dresser.

A bed frame can easily contain two or three shelves above the headboard. Hollow divan beds are ideal for holding stray boots and jackets, while shelving can be fitted alongside a wardrobe itself instead of in the guise of a bookcase. When paired with our other tips – for clothes chests, footstools, storage baskets etc – it may slice the price down by a significant margin.

Still have burning questions about saving cash? Hartleys are a great point of reference for bedrooms on a budget, whatever look you’re trying to achieve. Get in touch with our team before you land on that big décor change…

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