Alternative Easter Gift Ideas

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Searching for alternative Easter gifts? I've noticed that over the last few years, there seems to be more of a focus on giving gifts rather than Easter Eggs. Maybe it's baby's first Easter, your children don't eat much chocolate or are dairy free or you just want children to have something to keep, there are a few options both from us at Rascals Toy Shop and other small businesses (after all, we all love supporting small independents!)

 So why do we give Easter Eggs? Easter is a Christian Festival celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ after Crucifixion. The cracked shells of eggs are seen to represent the empty tomb and the birth of the chick represents new life. Christians often abstained from eating meat products, including eggs, over Lent so any eggs that were laid were kept and decorated to be given to children as gifts. This tradition was adapted by the Victorians when material eggs were given with Easter gifts inside. In the 19th Century,  chocolate eggs were produced in France and Germany and eventually became the hollow eggs that we see today.

Although it is not clear where the story of the Easter Bunny came from, it is thought to have came around during the 19th Century. Rabbits usually have large litters representing fertility and new life. There have been stories about the Easter Rabbit laying, decorating and hiding eggs also thought of as a symbol of new life.

There are different adaptions of the story of the Easter Bunny including Bunny helpers in different countries and there are other beliefs and views of how Easter Eggs came to be in their modern form.

Easter Egg Embroidered DecorationMaileg Medium Girl RabbitWhite Rabbit HeadbandPersonalised Easter Decoration

Floral Bunny Beautiful BowLop Eared Bunny PuppetPersonalised Easter Egg BunnyMaileg Boy Rabbit

Monochrome Easter T-ShirtPuppet Rabbit In a Lettuce 3 Mini BeastsWoodland Rabbit HeadbandEaster Bunny flap book

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