Are you considering Porcelain tiles for your outside patio?

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It is becoming increasingly popular to choose Porcelain paving for outside patios due to the surface being highly stain-resistant and low-maintenance.

So what is porcelain paving?
Porcelain is a man made product created from natural materials. The range of porcelain paving that we install is sourced from Italy. The colour and texture are continued throughout the whole of the paver. They have a low porosity so it is not recommended to seal the slabs as the sealant will just sit on the top. The sandblasted texture is slip-resistant and low maintenance. A great addition to any garden to give a modern and contemporary feel. 

There are a vast range of colour and surface texture options. You can even get wood effect porcelain that mimics the grain and character of wood. 

Below we have showcased two of the types of Porcelain- Trendy black and Cinder Paving. 

Porcelain PavingPorcelain PavingPorcelain PavingPorcelain Paving

We recently wrote a blog post for our supplier London Stone, due to our experience of laying it. So please read our blog to find out more about Porcelain and it's suitably for the garden. Porcelain Paving for your garden.

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