Autumn Layering: Ways To Wrap Up Your Home From September

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September is a month all about fresh beginnings – marking the start of a new school year and the dawn of autumn. If you’ve recently been considering redecoration, there’s definitely no time like the present.  With the cooler temperatures drifting in, adding layers can provide your property with an attractive autumn feel whilst also helping to make your living environment considerably more comfortable.

If you’re a little stuck for ideas, never fear. We’ve got all the inspiration you could possibly need right here.


When it comes to layering, rugs are a necessity. Not only are these floor fabrics capable of adding some colourful character to your interior, they also bring some much-needed warmth to surfaces in the colder months.

One of the most effective ways to utilise rugs in the autumn is by layering your floor with one large piece of subtly-shaded fabric, and then throwing down a smaller, patterned rug on top. The more layers, the warmer the look and feel, and the greater the effect.

Blankets and throws

Don’t let any chairs or sofas in your home stand alone in autumn: give them all a coat to last until next year. Thick, fluffy fabrics are some of the best choices during this season, with faux sheepskin material as snug as it is attractive.

Your bedroom can never have too many layers heading into winter either, so smooth out some extra sheets on top of the bed to keep you toasty all night long.

Cushion covers

Cushions are an instant way to accessorise your home. Swapping cushion covers is therefore a super simple way to add a touch of warm texture to your interior for the crisp upcoming season.

Remove those breezy beach-style coverings and substitute them for something a little fuzzier wherever possible. Fluffy cushions are fantastic in the colder weather, allowing you to stay soft and warm on the sofa during chilly autumn evenings. Orange, brown, and green hues work particularly well at this time of year too – bringing the beautiful outdoor colours inside.

Think Hygge

For layering ideas, there are few better trends to consult than Hygge – the Scandi living vibe that prioritises cosiness above all else. Adorning your wardrobes and shelves with lighted candles is a good place to begin setting the tone – adding visual warmth to the interior before you’ve even begun the real decorating.

Embracing a mixture of textures and tones is also very Hygge – although sticking to a handful of subtle shades is the best way to instil the trend effectively. So when picking out cushions, rugs, blankets and curtains, keep an overarching theme and colour scheme in mind.

Having interior design experts by your side can help you blanket your abode in the most effective possible way. The Hartleys team can give you all the guidance, assistance and advice you could possibly need for autumn layering. Get in touch today on 01756 700471 or pop in and see us at our Skipton showroom. 

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