Beautiful Ways To Display Books In Your Home

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When we kit out our lounges and fitted home offices, we don’t just go for a shallow sense of glamour. A well-furnished room is a well-furnished mind, as far as we’re concerned, and book displays are a strong symbol for declaring what makes us tick, in a way that’s gorgeous to look at.

Book lovers get a thrill from seeing their volumes arranged spine-to-spine. Thankfully, there are countless options for showcasing your collection to anyone who visits your home. Care to see what they are?

Vintage and industrial displays

The real joy of the printed page is feeling the cover, breathing in the scent of paper, and treating it like a treasure that’s passed through many hands to get to you. Book displays, therefore, are perfect for an industrial/vintage style choice.

You can invest in fitted furniture like a bookcase akin to those in a library: light or dark wood, with solid panelling and a mini ladder for a hint of old-school class. Alternatively, you could choose a freestanding item, such as a metal bookcase in a striking locker style.

The clarity of glass bookcases

On the other end of the scale, ‘modernity’ could be a word that sits easily on your tongue; maybe you want to bring a cool run of magazines, novels and biographies into the 21st century. For this, we suggest a bookcase separated by sheets of glass on each level. Beech can form the main, supportive material base, whilst whisper-thin partitions separate parts of your literary horde.

For home study furniture, you might opt for a glass door bookcase: something you can relegate to the flank of your interior, emphasising privacy and seclusion. There are sliding options, too, for a sleeker feel. Fitted home study furniture can help you gauge the specific, most impressive dimensions of the bookcase – a useful trick when you want to offset it with your desk, shelving and cabinets.

Gorgeous geometric designs

As a general trend, geometric furnishing – that is, objects that are sharply square or triangular, without other features to detract from it – is a highlight of modern living. Bookcases have embraced the clean, elemental look of this style, and it may surprise you how refreshing they can be.

For instance, hunt for a stack of four or five rectangular shelves, jutting to either side like a line of bricks. Shorter, longer models may contain storage space of various sizes, mixing up the uniformity we’re used to. Both classic and contemporary interiors can find a geometric bookcase that slips into their vision…

Living rooms and home studies can take the book display ideal, and run with it to incredible levels of creativity. Don’t shy away from expressing your love of hardbacks, paperbacks, and the ideas we glean from the reading experience.

Flip the page a little further, and you’ll find Hartleys Bedrooms at the centre of your bookcase ambitions. Contact us today or visit our showroom – we reckon that, for once, you could be lost for words…

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