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by  JoshNachukwu

Guy Fawkes Night, sometimes referred to as Bonfire Night, is an annual event celebrated on November 5th, mostly in the United Kingdom.

Guy Fawkes Day has evolved into a celebration in Britain where people gather with friends and family, light bonfires, shoot off fireworks, watch parades, and burn Fawkes effigies. In the past, kids would wheel around their effigies asking passersby for a “penny for the guy” (a practice akin to trick-or-treating on Halloween) and pleading with them to “remember, remember the fifth of November.”

You might be among those asking:

  • Who is Guy Fawkes?
  • Why is Guy Fawkes celebrated?
  • After Guy Fawkes’ celebration, what next?


Who is Guy Fawkes

More than 400 years ago, Guy Fawkes was a member of the Gunpowder Plot, a gang of English Catholics who sought to assassinate King James I. There had been several attempts to assassinate leaders in Europe and England; this wasn’t the first attempt by a Catholic on a Protestant ruler.

Robert Catesby, the group’s commander, was one of the 13 individuals who made up the Gunpowder Plot. Members of the Gunpowder Plot planned to blow up the House of Lords on November 5, 1605, at the State Opening of the English Parliament, which was attended by King James I and a number of prominent targets, including the monarch’s close family members and members of the House of Commons.

Why is Guy Fawkes celebrated?

The gunpowder barrels that had been buried under the House of Lords were under Guy Fawkes’ supervision. King James I received a letter informing him of the conspiracy to blow up the House of Lords, and as a result, he dispatched his warriors to find those involved. Along with other participants in the Gunpowder Plot who had attempted to flee after learning that Guy Fawkes had been caught guarding 36 barrels of gunpowder, they were all put to death.

The king had lived, so people lighted bonfires all across London to commemorate the occasion. Since then, an annual day commemorating the collapse of the conspiracy known as the Observation of 5th November Act has been in existence.

Guy Fawkes’s Day is celebrated because of:

  • Guy Fawkes’ failure to light the gunpowder that was suited to kill the King
  • The King’s survival of the plot by Guy Fawkes and his group
  • How the nation avoided a proposed failed tragedy day in the UK

After Guy Fawkes’ celebration, what next?

Guy Fawkes’ celebration on every November 5th comes with a lot of fireworks, bonfire night, and fun-filled activities for which much relaxation, rest, and therapeutic measures are needed to regain energy used during the Guy Fawkes’ celebration; and such therapeutic measures are:

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  • Resting or sleeping in a scented environment filled with deluxe scented candles for maximum relief.
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