Bring Your Own Device – What are the security risks?

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How many of your employees own smart phones and tablets? Most of them, if not all of them? How many of your employees are using their personal devices to access company information? Would you even know if they were?

Bring your own device (BYOD) is great for company productivity; your staff are more responsive outside of working hours, they can keep up-to-date with meetings and events, and your business is more flexible. But the best part, you don’t have to pay for all these expensive devices.

So, by your employees simply using their own devices for work, you’ve become more dynamic, and you’ve saved money, but what about the company data that is accessed via these devices? Do you know what data is being accessed and by who? Is your data safe if your employee loses their device?

If an employee’s device becomes lost or stolen you no longer have control over your company data, and if it lands in the wrong hands your whole business is at risk. So what can you do to protect your company data without compromising the flexibility of your work force?

Well you could stop BYOD. Or you could enforce certain rules…

Or you could consider using applications such as Microsoft’s Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS).
EMS is designed to protect the device and ultimately protect your data. With EMS you have control over the devices, you can enforce PINs and passcodes, you can lock down commands such as forward and print and you can remotely wipe or reset a device.

EMS isn’t designed to make it harder for your employees to work remotely, it’s designed to enable, secure, seamless productivity. And because it’s a Microsoft product it directly integrates with Office mobile applications such as Microsoft Office 365 so you don’t have to compromise the customer experience when working remotely.

Why chose EMS?

EMS gives your devices enterprise-grade IT solutions and data protection at a fraction of the cost compared to buying standalone mobile device management tools. You can easily manage identity, it works both on premise and off, you benefit from enhanced security via policies and encryptions and you can use it across platforms such as Android, Windows and iOS.

It’s the fastest and most cost effective way to meet your business challenges, accommodate new devices, starters and applications, all without worrying about maintenance, updates and ultimately, the security of your business.

Embrace the BYOD revolution…

Contact us for more information on how EMS could work for your business or click here to find out more about Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite.

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