Bring your Room to ‘Light’ with Light’Artedly

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Bring your Room to ‘Light’ with Light’Artedly

Let’s face it, lighting definitely makes or breaks a room. There is no point having a trendy sofa, rug or glass coffee table if you can’t see it in it’s true beauty. But throw in a unique, stylish, handmade copper light, with the ultimate wow factor, and you will create a room like no other. 

Light’Artedly honestly create the COOLEST lights I’ve ever seen. They kindly made and sent me ‘The Curly’ and I was honestly blown away by this handcrafted creation.

It arrived very thoughtfully packaged, all of which can be recycled again and then the excitement began. I knew it would be the perfect addition to our chill snug room and once I screwed in the bulb, found it a home and turned it on, it was pretty easy to see why…

Check out these before and after snaps. It is a beautifully handcrafted copper light with the whole WOW factor. The design, the light the bulb gives off, the style, it’s everything you’d want if you like to add a bit of style and uniqueness to a room. As many of you know I love discovering new businesses with an eco or upcycling focus and this is definitely up there.

What’s more is that Light’Artedly allow YOU to be the designer of your very own light and they will craft your very own Luminaire for you.

And, it is all about YOU. Every single detail of your creation is carefully thought through and they allow you to input at every step. I really love how updates and pictures are shared with you whilst it’s being created, so that you can see the progress and make sure you are happy with every detail. It is even hand delivered to your door once completed – that’s customer service at it’s absolute finest.

Having your own design created in such a unique and customer focused way is so wonderful, and even sharing the journey too. It’s definitely something your friends and family will be completely envious of!

Here are just a couple more of this amazing biz’s unique and incredible creations…

The seesaw handmade copper light by Light'artedlyPin this image on Pinterest

The Seesaw (photo by Light’Artedly)

The organ handmade copper light by Light'artedly

The Organ (photo by Light’Artedly)

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