British made and impeccable quality… a blog post on the heritage of British knitwear and textiles

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British made knitwear has a fantastic heritage and history with centuries of skill and craftsmanship.

I’m proud to be part of an industry with such a vibrant heritage, which dates from centuries before the industrial revolution.

There are still many people who choose to invest in fine quality British-made knitwear, clothing and textiles; my customers buy my handmade knitwear because of its quality, individuality, and longevity. But I suspect that many people give little thought to where and how their clothes are made, who made them and how long each piece will last. Many people aren’t familiar with our fine British knitwear and textiles design and production heritage, and many people think ‘you knit with wool and you sew with cotton’… it’s not quite that simple!

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