Continuity is king, regardless of the size of your business

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Continuity is the unbroken and consistent existance or operation of something over time.

When you've established your brand you want to be sure that what you do is keep the same feel and look throughout every aspect of the business.

This has a variety of advantages to the business:

1. Ongoing marketing will be clearly defined by key aspects of a design within the items.

2. If you are using a variety of suppliers for your marketing, they can adopt the exisiting style with ease.

3. Makes you look larger than you may really be.

I'd like to showcase a fellow #SBS winner that this has worked well.

Stockport winner KGC Engineering, a classic car restoration business has recently had a website redesign and has clearly defined sections within the website with a natural colour scheme and a clean font suit has been used throughout with is easy to read the website. Icons making clear all the best contact methods. Photos of work displayed in circles with then reveal full vehicles when you go in to the background of the restoration.

"I chose the colour and styling of the website for its clear appearance with colours that were clean and fresh without being over the top." Kevin Colley, KGC Engineering

The business has also adopted this style throughout its literature with a clean and fresh Business Card and Booklet which follows on from the website.

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