Creating a Classic Royal Bedroom

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Everyone wants their homes to look beautiful when friends and family come to visit so the bedroom often becomes a room that is less that decorated. Large, grand open interiors always take our breaths away but it is not always easy to recreate on this scale in our own homes so let’s have a look at how can we take this classic royal style and bring it into one of rooms in your house – the bedroom.


Royal Urban Glam

Grace your bedroom with royal opulence and a feeling of luxury each time you walk in and prepare to relax. Mix up classic décor with a modern touch to create an urban glam style. Convey a romantic feeling with silky sheets, rich and deep shades of purple with classical furniture and velvet headboard. Magnify the charm by adding a stunning low lit chandelier and an acid-etched wall mirror to pull through an industrial vibe.


Mirrors and Turquoise

Go chic and classy with a royal bedroom and implement art deco furniture and lighting. This mirrored four-poster bed adds luxury to this classically decorated room. Furthermore, the turquoise pulls the room together and makes it feel calming and expensive. Click here to for more art deco furniture inspiration.



Art Deco Inspiration

Enjoy the royal treatment in your bedroom with the use of Art Deco elements for that extra glitz and glamour. Let your mirrored furniture take its shine by adding a soft background and work a regal ambiance through your bedroom by choosing textured or patterned wallpaper. Bring through a mix of thick cotton and silk fabrics. Choose a bedframe that is unusual or select a mirrored headboard and add some glitzy overhead lighting and table lamps.



Minimal Parisian

Style Add some Parisian elegance to your bedroom with a mix light colours, fabrics and furniture styles. Plain walls and ceilings make a perfect canvas for classical furniture that is mixed with a chic modern minimal style. You don’t need to go overly grand on your décor to create a classic royal vibe so focus on the smaller details of the room like the bed, lighting and table decorations.


A Royal Neutral Bedroom

Neutral doesn’t need to be boring – It can be lavish and glamorous with the right elements and design. Make the bed an enchanting focal feature by adding a large tufted headboard that is a shade darker than most of the colours in the room to add extra interest and warmth. Velvet is great option to create extra luxury that also complements other fabrics in the room. Complete the charm by adding black side tables with pops of colour from some gorgeous flowers. Also, don’t forget the sparkling and reflective accessories.


French Royalty

Be inspired by classic French features without going over the top by adding your own modern twist to the room. Bring in small details like pearl white with some golden French classical accents and luxurious layered fabrics. Details like this wall coving and plaster ceiling design and might be all you need to pull through a class feel. These features beautifully contrast with classic dark rich velvet furniture.



Glamorous Layering

Use a canopy bed as a focal point and decorate the room from there. Instantly feel special as soon as you walk in the room with a bed that screams luxury by layering up different fabrics in similar shades. Team it up with a beautiful headboard and a furniture that feel just as luxurious. Channel a relaxing atmosphere into the room with warm lighting that creates a sophisticated glow next to an earthy toned colour scheme. 


Regal Coziness

The bedroom should be a place to relax so it is important to make this your main priority. Invest in a soft bed with a beautiful padded headboard paired with lots of soft and cosy fabric blankets and pillows. Finally, add some canopy curtains with a gorgeous chandelier to achieve an utmost royal atmosphere.

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