Crowdfunding for British Wildlife

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This week, Creature Candy launched its first ever crowdfunding campaign to help raise awareness and funds for three of Britain’s declining wildlife species – hedgehog, red squirrel and lesser spotted woodpecker. Declining British wildlife is of major public concern at present (particularly the hedgehog), and this concern defines the ethos of our small business. 

Crowdfunding link:

Why Crowdfunding?

We have three designs in our current range – bat, bumblebee and moth. The sales from these designs allow us to make regular donations to the Bat Conservation Trust, Butterfly Conservation, and Bumblebee Conservation Trust. Our donations help fund many worthwhile, fantastic conservation projects run by these charities and we’d love to help more charities do the same. Therefore, we plan to launch three new designs in April this year – hedgehog, red squirrel and lesser spotted woodpecker, and we will make donations to the following charities:

Peoples Trust for Endangered Species

Red Squirrel Survival Trust

British Trust for Ornithology

With the money we raise via crowdfunding, we will be able to launch these new designs on our website, across the entire range of our products – mugs, tea towels, aprons, prints, notebooks and postcards. 10% of the sale prices will be donated to our new charities. 

Rewards for our Supporters:

By supporting us via crowdfunding, pledgers will not only be one of the first to receive our gorgeous new products before they even launch on our website, they will also be supporting three new wildlife charities and allow us to start a wonderful relationship with them to support their conservation projects.

About us:

Creature Candy was created in late 2014 to raise awareness of Britain's declining & protected wildlife species, to inspire people to take active roles in conservation and to help raise funds for the charities that endeavour to conserve our wildlife. At a time when much of Britain’s wildlife is in dramatic decline, our small business helps make a difference and will hopefully encourage others to do the same. 

Donations Last Year:

Over the past year we have donated hundreds of pounds to our charities. The launch of our new designs will help us continue and increase these donations, and support many more conservation projects. 

Please help us by sharing the details of our crowdfunding campaign with your friends, family and colleagues, and maybe even consider donating as little as £2. The money we raise will really help to make a difference to British wildlife. 



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