CUBE HR launch HR software

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Burnley based CUBE HR have launched a new HR software platform using £10,000 of grant money to help take it to market.


The software, branded as HRX People, led by Burnley entrepreneur Lisa Sourbutts, secured £10,000 through Burnley Council from the Growth and Innovation Grant Fund, to put towards marketing of the new software.

The software allows a no-nonsense approach to managing people and was designed by managers, for managers.


“We were thrilled to secure £10,000 via the council, it shows they have a belief in us both as a relatively new company ourselves and also with our new venture. They’ve provided us with confidence that our software will be a success and we can create more jobs in the borough. We’re proud to set up a brand new tech company right here in Burnley and the council really made the process of applying for the grant easy,” Lisa told

The launch has seen a large influx of businesses signing up to use the HR software and, at a price of just £1 per employee per month, it has been made accessible to all.

You can sign your business up for a demo and 30-day free trial here.


So, why is HRX People different?


For those of us who manage people, having to navigate the many HR processes, systems and paperwork can be something of a headache. As the leader of a growing team, Lisa only knows this too well and provided us with a demo as to why HRX People makes the role of a manager that bit easier.


“You’d be amazed at how many smaller companies in particular use paper files and spreadsheets to keep track of all their people-related data, including application forms. It really doesn’t need to be that way. HRX People is modern, easy to use and has everything in one place – holidays, sickness, work anniversaries, birthdays, CVs, PDRS, disciplinaries…it’s all there.


“But it’s more than just a record-holding software. You can pull reports to see certain trends quickly, for example, does the same person keep missing work on a Friday? Or, if I want to book a holiday myself, at a quick glance I can see who is off when and make sure we have enough resource in. And to make it even easier, you can do all of this on a tablet, laptop or phone. So, if you have a spare five minutes to tackle some admin, you can get on to the app and see all of your actions at a glance,” Lisa explained.


Aside from the fact that it takes a huge admin burden off managers, it also helps businesses achieve a more sustainable approach to HR. With no need for printing, it also removes the need for that packed filing cabinet.


At £1 per employee per month, it’s a great entry-level price so no company is excluded from the benefits of going paperless.


Lisa, also owns the highly successful CUBE HR who have made waves recently as a result of the many (many!) awards they’ve won.

In the past 12 months alone, the team has taken home HR Hero Award, BIBA for Service Business of the Year, Red Rose Award for Customer Service, HIVE Award for Micro Business, New Recruit of the Year, SME Most Trusted HR Consultancy 2022, SME Best HR Support & Employment Law Specialists, SME Most Outstanding HR Support and we could see their trophy cabinet heaving when we visited their office at Business First on Liverpool Road.

The team now hope to be a market disruptor for HR software, and whilst HRX People is an off-the-shelf product, it can be flexible to each client.

A huge well done to the team for growing not one but now two businesses in Burnley and we wish them all the best with their software launch and recruitment drive across both brands.


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