[Customer Service Templates] “Where’s My Order?”

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This will be a slowly developing series of posts that are aimed to give you snippit replies for customers questions. 
As I work by myself in the handmade sector of small business the majority will be based around that area. Feel free to save these responses and use them or use them as a base to create your own stock of replies.

If there is anything you feel is missing or there are specific questions you would like answering let me know in the comments and I will add them in another post. 

First up the "Where's my order?" question
This can come in a variety of ways ranging from the very polite and understanding to full blown rants sometimes accusing you of ruining an occasion because you failed to deliver it before the date they wanted it by (wether they told you about that date or not)
Remember to check with whoever you use for shipping to confirm lost dates or even were delays are happening.

I have the expected delivery times and official lost times in my delivery FAQ's which is helpful to reference customers back to, it can also cut out a large chunk of these questions if they are a frequent occurrence.

When I respond I usually begin each correspondence with "Hello [Customer Name]" and sign off with my name in the cases of social media messages and etsy messages. If you have email signatures set up there is no need to sign off your name. 

When you have posted the order and it hasn't arrived after the average time.

Thanks for letting me know, it isn't usual for delivery to take this long however it could still arrive in the next few days.
If you still haven't received it by [Insert Date – Official Lost Time] let me know and we can take a look further into this.

When you have posted the order and it hasn't arrived after the official lost time.

Thank you for bringing this to my attention, I will get in touch with [Mail Provider], inform them of the lost item and submit a claim. Would you like a replacement or refund?

When they have asked where their order is but it's not expected to be delivered yet.

Thanks for getting in touch, your order was dispatched on [Insert Date] is expected to be delivered around [Insert Date] 

When they've asked but your turn around time means you haven't dispatched the order yet.

I've checked my work schedule and your order is due to be completed on [Insert Date] so it is expected to arrive around [Insert Date] 

When they tell you they needed it by X date 

Had I have known your order was needed before a specific date I would have advised you [this wasn't possible / to have upgraded delivery] 
[I see that you have your order / It should be with you by [Insert Date]] if you no longer require it then you may return your order in it's original condition at your cost to [Insert Returns Address]

It's not here, I want a refund (when the order has been posted)

Thank you for getting in touch, it is a shame that your order hasn't arrived yet when it does arrive you are welcome to return it in it's original condition for a refund once it does arrive.

It's not here, I want a refund (when the order hasn't been posted)

Thank you for getting in touch, your order isn't due for dispatch until [Insert Date] I can cancel the order for you if you would still like a refund. 
Please confirm that you would like to take this action and I will process your refund within 24 hours of your confirmation

Personalised Orders (add in where needed when refunds are mentioned)

As your order contains a personalised item I'm afraid these are exempt from refunds as they contain elements that are specific to you.  

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