Declutter and Spruce Up! Home Storage Hacks

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Do you have trouble keeping your household organised? Are there clothes permanently draped over chairs and miscellaneous items piled high on tables? Does it take you an age to find anything? If so, it’s time to embrace some fresh storage hacks.

Nobody likes an untidy house. That’s why we’ve put together a list of stow-away ideas that can help you instate ship-shape surroundings, making your home look bigger, brighter, neater and cleaner.

Hidden baskets and boxes

Got a low kitchen cupboard or under the stairs area you’re not effectively using? Don’t consider it an oddity to store clothes in these spaces; sports kits and outdoor garments, often ‘dumped’ in any available area, are prime for homing here. Find a basket or container (take a peek at Choice Basket’s website) that’ll comfortably fit inside and use it as a washing basket. You can even have two separate – clearly labelled – trays for clean and dirty clothes.

The great thing about tucking away garments inside a cupboard is that they’re hidden from view and never too far from the washing machine. Ideal on both fronts. 

Vacuum packing

If you struggle to see the wood from the trees when you open your wardrobe, or simply don’t have the space to hang all your clothing, by far the best course of action is to grab some vacuum-packed bags and flatten out the items you won’t be needing for a while. Thick winter coats which are clogging up your wardrobe or turning your porch into a jumble sale are perfect for this course of action.

Vacuum-packing lets you bulk dozens of garments together and stow them beneath your bed, inside your wardrobe or attic with ease, freeing up precious space on the rack for more treasured and seasonally appropriate items.

Smart shoe storage

Footwear is one of the most problematic pieces of clothing when it comes to keeping spaces tidy. Most family homes have shoes of varying sizes heaped up by the front door or scattered across rooms, with few appropriate places in which to keep them.

When it comes to shoes, you need to get smart with your storage. If there isn’t an obvious designated place for them to go, you can guarantee they’ll be cluttering up your hall way in no time. Invest in a pocketed rack to drape on the back of your bedroom door and you can successfully stop shoes cluttering the floors. Alternatively, put your footwear inside an ottoman with interior pockets. Out of sight, out of mind.

Outdoor packing

If your garden’s getting a bit cluttered as well as overgrown, you can systematise your outdoor space by investing in a few large storage trunks.

These are perfect for putting away pets/kids’ toys, seating cushions, barbecue pit bits, and garden tools. They can also double as additional storage spots for anything that you don’t have room for indoors.

Bespoke bedroom furniture

Having furniture tailor-made for a specific room lets you take advantage of every single centimetre of space available. With interiors designed to house exactly what you wish to store – whether long-hanging items, bulky bedding and towels, or a sizeable shoe collection, not only will all space be effectively utilised, but you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for too! A place for everything will mean clutter is less likely to re-appear.

Fitted furniture is an investment, but it gives you a terrific opportunity to add value, form and function to your home. If you’re considering revamping your interior, speak to the Hartleys team today. We’d be delighted to offer our guidance and show you some of the best furniture options available for your property.

You can contact our team today on 01756 700 471. Remember, you can also drop by our Skipton showroom to see some of our furnishings in the flesh. 

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