Decorating with Glass

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Decorating with glass doesn’t need to be all about windows and decorative ornaments. There are so many options and it just takes a little thinking outside of the box to transform a room using glass. Here are some ideas for your house.


Textured Glass Ideas

Break out from the norm and give your shower glass divider a creative twist by choosing a textured one. A thin glass divider lets you get rid of those bulky partitions or unstable and outdated shower curtains. You could go with a textured or frosted option or look at having something designed especially for your bathroom.



Frosted & Etched Glass Designs

Create the impression that your kitchen is a beautiful painting by using frosted glass with an etched design for your kitchen cabinet doors. Added frosted glass cabinets lets the crockery and utensils a little more look appealing than having them sitting on the work surface. Plus, as a bonus, it gives you the extra incentive for keeping your cupboards tidy!



Glass Walls & Tiled Glass

Take advantage of that beautiful space outside by installing floor to ceiling windows. They let in plenty of light, create a fresh, peaceful outdoor atmosphere and can completely modernise your home. Another great option is to install a glass tiled wall. You could use this to create added privacy on an outside wall or to separate an open living space.



Stained Glass Panels

Create a classic look in your kitchen with decorative stained glass cabinet doors. You could have them designed especially to compliment your current kitchen décor so that you can make it look like a brand-new kitchen without having to change everything. You could enhance them further by adding under cabinet lighting to exude a warm ambiance across the space. At Mirror Mania, we offer a design and consultancy service to customers to help them create just what they are looking for their homes. Please click here for further information and to contact us.

We also offer ceiling domes and door/window panels – You can explore them using the links below:

Click here to find out more about our Decorative Ceiling domes and panels.

Click here to find out more about our Decorative Door and Window Panels.



Conservatory Inspiration

Bring in natural lighting by having not only glass walls but glass ceilings as well. Evoke an open and one with nature feeling with this set up. Combine with white walls, white flooring and wooden furniture to make enhance the glass features.


Corrugated Glass Partitions

Let the creativity of glass walls run through your bathroom to create a partition. These corrugated glass panels divide areas but still leave the room feeling spacious and modern.


Glass Flooring

You could replace a rug with a glass floor like the one in this beautiful home to create a minimal space. Make an impression with coloured glass for a to make it more striking and unforgettable to anyone who visits your home. You could even take this glass panelling up the wall to further modernise your home.



Panelled Glass Doors

Panelled glass doors create an old-fashioned vibe and add extra light to all dark spaces. Use a frosted glass to create privacy between room, choose a coloured glass or have something designed to match your room.


Glass Furniture

Glass furniture in a small room or home is perfect to create the illusion of space by reflecting light. It adds a sophisticated vibe to the room and glams up a space in an instant. Pair up pieces of glass furniture with acrylic chairs for a clean yet a stylish result. 

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