Define your roadmap marketing wise for 2024 and beyond …

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Marketing Audits for SME’s

A marketing audit will enable you as the business or practice owner to  see where the business is situation wise, determine where you want to go with goals, a reason and purpose and work out how you can get there using marketing.

What does a Marketing Audit involve?

After contacting us to give the go ahead on your marketing audit, decide whether you want a face-to-face session (location permitting) or a Zoom session.
Then Pinpoint conducts this approx. 2 hour session asking a series of questions to assess the now, the future and the steps. Then we send a report of recommendations and ideas with actions to take, in a prioritised order.
During this session, we will talk about the marketing you are doing and not doing, your lead sources, your competition, your target audience and goals, your messaging and USP, your budget, your lead generation and sales plans and more. A real deep dive in your business.



The benefits of an Audit

  • Measure and review the status of your marketing progress (periodically)
  • Know where to spend your time and marketing budget and to ensure your marketing is on track
  • Get all of your “team” on board
  • Get ideas for the marketing future
  • Be effective, proactive and meet your business and company and financial objectives
  • Increase the ROI of your marketing budget when changes are made successfully as a result of the audit

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