Do you know about the 100 Day Goal?

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I bet like me, you all have great plans to grow your small businesses this year. My children went back to school today so I feel this is the first day of the New Year. 

This morning ive updated  my website to have the new dates and info about the creative workshops we hold here at Ferndell Bed and Breakfast Shrewsbury. Ive also put a little mention on about our Supper Clubs weve started to hold on Sunday evenings with a local Chef who was on MasterChef a few months ago. Ive nipped into town on my bike to get some card..thanks to Rymans Shrewsbury they had a deal on 3for2 so that was a nice suprise. Ive also bought ink incase I run out doing my flyers to promote the workshops around town in local cafes.( I love a flyer)

I was spurred on to do this due to something I saw on Facebook.. there is this small business challange called the 100 Day Goal just type "The Business Bakery" into your Facebook search and it will come up…(Its not about Baking) 

The idea is to have a goal you really want to achieve break it up into 100 bits and do one bit each day.(it stared on January 1st, I is day 5 but that dosnt matter, you could also join their FB page "or not" and get lots of inspiration and support a lot like our #sbs FB page. There are various printouts to help you get started on the site.

Ive notice a lot of people are decluttering which is something Im also doing and writiing a blog about… heres the link if you need something to send you to sleep at night Whats Lurking Behind That Door

Im so looking forward to the Event next month hope to see you there, I wonder if Theos Chauffeur wants a bacon butting bringing again?

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