Do you need help with IT related issues?

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If you answered yes, then why not contact Amshire Solutions Limited.

Our 5 core areas are as follows:


Amshire Solutions are a family owned Company that delivers reliable IT solutions to businesses in the South Manchester area and beyond. The business was setup in 1995 and now in its 20th year by Trevor Taylor, their Owner / Chairman. They now have a team of 15 and look after more than 182 Servers and over 1,300 workstations across a wide range of businesses.

Amshire Solutions is an innovative and rapidly growing full-service IT consulting firm, providing their Clients with cutting-edge technologies and the know-how to apply them to their individual business models.

Their South Manchester based IT support services give you access to the full range of IT expertise necessary to run your business successfully. They can manage all your routine IT tasks, supply and install new equipment as needed, and provide efficient IT help-desk support that gets you out of trouble quickly.

Amshire Solutions have a range of flexible and cost-effective service plans that suit a business of 3 Users or a business of 200 plus Users. Their comprehensive services provide clients with unique technology solutions that are customised to meet the specific demands of their businesses.

Use Amshire as your IT support Company, and you can be sure that whoever is working on your system is competent, qualified and an expert in their field.       @Amshire

Tel: 0330 2020 340     Email:

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