Do you pay too much to recruit young people?

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Do you pay too much to recruit young people? Then we can save you money. Our premium service costs just £3,000 per year and could meet all your needs. We are different to other recruitment companies. You pay us a monthly fee and we supply you with all the candidates you need, whenever a vacancy arises. So, if you are looking for teenagers or young people to fill roles as full time trainees, apprentices or part time employees, then contact us today.

We have thousands of registered teenagers and young people looking for an opportunity. Our database is divided into three categories: 13-15 year olds, 16-17 year olds, and 18+

The registered candidates are located all over the UK and are keen to find roles locally.

Why not ring our team on 0161 706 0431 or 07387 758 056 and ask us how many registered candidates we have in your area? We are always happy to help.



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