Don’t have a designer radiator in your living room? You’re missing out!

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Radiators are often forgotten about whilst redecorating your home. But with the various modern styles and features today’s designer radiators bring, updating your radiators can add the perfect finishing touch to your home interior.

A sleek and stylish designer radiator will offer so much more to your living room than just a source of heat, they will become part of your home decor. There are endless options you can choose from; the most difficult part is deciding which is the most stylish and suitable for your living room.

To make things easier for you, we have put together a list of designer radiators that are perfect for the living room to help you decide. With these stunning radiators, we are certain that we can not only keep your living room warm and cosy over the colder seasons but also keep it looking fantastic throughout the whole year.

This stunning cast iron radiator is a contemporary interpretation of the English original radiator of the Victorian era. Richly decorated and hand-finished to the highest standard, this radiator will create a nostalgic and period feel in your home. As well as adding a touch of glamour, it has a very large heat output in comparison to its size and will supply you with long lasting heat in your living room.


Say goodbye to stereotypical white horizontal radiators with this unique and extremely stylish vertical radiator. Add sleek, vertical lines to your interior, while the appearance gives a great sense of space in any living room. Available in two colours; brushed aluminium and anthracite. Plus, the Zephyra offers the fantastic responsive heating benefits of aluminium, heating to operating temperature bring 3 to 4 times faster than stainless steel.


Made entirely from recycled materials, this radiator is 100% environmentally friendly. They come in a striking array of artistic designs and colours to complement any home interior. A great option for your living room is our mirror glass finish, it gives the added benefit of enlarging your room optically and creating a bright and airy atmosphere. This is also available as a fully electric radiator, which adds an innovative touch screen control, with programmable 7-day timer and built in thermostatic sensors.


The millennium is a free-standing horizontal designer radiator and has been designed with style and functionality in mind. This brushed stainless-steel radiator is hand crafted to the highest standard and would made the perfect focal point to any spacious living room. Plus, the added surface area can provide sufficient heat to fill the largest of spaces throughout the year.


It's very important to know how many BTU's you will require to heat your living room, if you are unsure about the heat requirements for your livng room then you can use our BTU calculator to get an approximation.

If you have a room that needs heating, and you need some inspiration, give us a call today!




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